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Bitcoin Mining can be done on your own computer with purchased hardware but leaving a pc running 24hrs a day is expensive on electricity and can cause the pc to overheat. The best method is to rent mining equipment from a reputable Bitcoin Mining company. Bitcoin Mining is an area where there are many scams to beware of. Companies come and go leaving with other people’s money all the time. If you see a company offering 1% interest per day or even more, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that it is a scam. You need to check site information very carefully to asertain whether or not they are really operating a mining operation. One company that can be recommended is HashFlare which really does carry out Bitcoin Mining. The return is around 0.2% a day which is far less than the scammers offer. But you can recover your original investment in around 10 months and your investment continues on indefinitely. HashFlare support is excellent and they are highly recommended. Don’t be greedy and drawn to the tempting high rates that fly by night companies will offer. The sites close as quickly as they appear and they are gone with your money.