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Easy, Fast and little Risk

Your ISP may keep logs of all your Internet traffic. One way to increase the privacy of your browsing habits is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). But what good is a VPN if it can be tied to your identity via a credit or debit card? Never trust a VPN that doesn’t accept bitcoins. Hence why we recommend Private Internet Access where a year subscription is $39.95. This should be your first Bitcoin purchase. What if you want cold hard cash? Well, there are easy solutions. Use to meet people at the local coffee shop or mall. But be careful!!! There are hundreds of merchants listed on the wiki Trade page and 14 merchants may offer significant discounts for bitcoin payments. The main risks of spending bitcoins is sending to an incorrect address, dealing with a disreputable or untrustworthy merchant since payments are irreversible like cash and getting a bad deal. With fees both into and out of bitcoins you will want to be careful spending them. For example, I offer discounts of about 40% with various books and guides when paid via bitcoins using the online store. There are plenty of ninja strategies included in State Income Tax Optimization. So be sure to spread the word to merchants about Bitcoin, perhaps give them this free beginner’s guide, and ask for a discount. In this economy many merchants will take payment however they can get it. And cash has always been king!