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Bitcoin Encryption

Encryption is Math - Math Encryption is math. With Bitcoin there are public keys with corresponding private keys. To move bitcoins from one public key to another you need to be able to solve a math problem. With the private key it is really easy to solve the math problem. Without the private key it is nearly impossible. Using a brainwallet you can use math to convert a phrase to a private key. For example, the phrase bitcoin is really cool converts to the private key KeoZLodmz6jghYRXakYXNRGVqg683kQdeADWkSkbdnGzDqygaA for the public key 17NEJi3EFyDtjvqhDmU14EVkf5eJBtdF4g. You can create brainwallets (phrases) at or in the Import area of Just remember to be extremely careful when directly handling private keys.