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Bitcoin Out performs Gold

Acquire Gold has outperformed all major asset classes over the past decade. And bitcoins are outperforming gold!

To participate in the Bitcoin economy you must first acquire some bitcoins. This can be done by mining or from someone who sells them either in person like from Local Bitcoins or through an online service. Several popular exchanges are Kraken and Circle. To buy them through an exchange you will need to fund an account with fiat currency and fees are usually around 0.75%. Keep in mind that Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express charge merchants about 1-5% of the gross amount, subject merchants to chargebacks and transactions are not private. Domestic and international wire transfer fees average around $20-45. Western Union is no different. Transferring value over distance is expensive with the current barbarous relic of a 500 year old financial and monetary system. Once you have bitcoins they can be transferred for nearly free with no middlemen to charge you, freeze your funds or disclose your transactions to snoopy advertisers, private investigators, governments, etc. The main risk with using an exchange are the wire transfer fees, possibility of a lost wire, the exchange may abscond with your funds, the bank(s) used by exchange may freeze or slow the use of funds, etc. I would only use the exchanges for amounts greater than $5,000.