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Sell or Spend

So, somehow you got suckered into mining, buying or accepting bitcoins in exchange for a good or service and now you either want to sell or spend them. After all, what good are they if you are unable to exchange them for something you value higher? Well, with millions of dollars worth of bitcoins changing hands everyday there are many people who will either buy or accept your bitcoins in exchange for a good or service. The Bitcoin Magazine is a great place to learn about general Bitcoin news, merchants, services, etc. Playing games with Bitcoins is a favorite past-time of many. There are lots of them out there but I will leave you to discover them. Want something more solid than fancy ‘cryptographic hash’ then consider publicly traded Overstock which has thousands of products for sale and are usually cheaper than Amazon! Want to shop on Amazon but get a 5-30% discount? Then consider and use Parcel if you are a NYC privacy ninja. BitPay is a payment processor for merchants. Merchants can accept bitcoins as payment which are then instantly converted to FRN$, MXN, EUR, CAD or GBP and batched daily via direct deposit to their bank account or bitcoin wallet. Merchants can specify what percentage of payments are converted. BitPay is a great company for a merchant to quickly, easily and efficiently begin accepting bitcoins. They have signed up more than 1,000 merchants and currently process approximately 1,000-2,000 bitcoins per day for restaurants, a dental office, computer supplier and many others .