A source for information about the Crypto Currencies - A glimpse into the future of banking



 A source for information about the Crypto Currencies - A glimpse into the future of banking

Your Investment Timeline  

I'll warn you now, when it comes to investment... and business in general... I am quite measured and conservative... but I'm always in a hurry!

Patiently impatient!

I’m in this for the long haul, but life is short, so I don't plan on taking ten years to get to where I want to be.

I'm certainly not going to wait that long to enjoy the fruits of my labours.

But I'm also painfully aware that when it comes to investing, shortcuts often turn into lengthy delays and major detours.

So I rely heavily on my built-in 'too good to be true' meter.

If something sounds too good, then it probably is and I proceed with caution.

The thing is, in a new and booming niche like crypto currencies, there are plenty of amazing opportunities that might seem too good to be true on the surface.

But when you dig a little deeper, you soon realise there are some fundamental factors at play that actually do make it all too possible.

So this report is not about get-rich-quick or pie-in-the-sky programs.

It’s all about using a mix of tools to generate income ASAP and putting that to work in a diversified mix of investments and money making programs.

Our goal is to generate long term capital growth and some immediate additional revenue.

The big disclaimer here is, this is a work in progress!

I'm several months into it and I can tell you that it’s working extremely well up until this point…

 And the people I’ve shared it with so far have been very impressed as well.

But I can't tell you how it ends just yet.

So like any business or investment opportunity…

Do your homework, do your sums and only spend what you can afford to lose.

But first read this report right through and get the big picture... then ask yourself if some of these strategies might just work for you too?

Step 1.  Crypto’s Safest Bet.

For all the websites out there telling you how to make your fortune with crypto currencies, there is one option most of them miss.

And for my money it's the best of the lot.

It requires no training or specialised knowledge, no up-front investment... and the returns can be staggering!

And even if you aren’t a top-performer, it can still be a great tool to generate funds to invest in the more predictable options.

And it’s basically taking advantage of the state of the industry itself.

Because this industry is an affiliate marketers dream!

It is still brand new and all kinds of businesses are trying to cash in on it.

Countless vendors madly trying to come up with the next amazing product or service that will take the market by storm…

They all need exposure… eyeballs on webpages, emails into lists, bums on digital seats…

And they are all terrified that someone will beat them to it, create a better product or lock up the market…

So they are desperate to get the word out fast.

The stakes are high because the potential rewards are staggering.

Any start up that creates it’s own market and ties up marketshare could dominate their field for many years to come.

So they are prepared to pay you incredibly well for your help.

Almost every crypto product or service you encounter will offer an affiliate program.

And simple laws of supply and demand apply.

If everyone has an affiliate program, then your services as an affiliate are in demand…

And anyone that wants your help will need to offer you a better deal than their competition.

So they will all pay you well for any new customer you send to them.

Many will pay you commission on the customers purchases for life.

Many will pay you ongoing commissions on recurring subscription services.

Many will also pay you for sending them new affiliates.

And more and more are going to pay you even more on multiple levels…

They want you promoting their stuff and they know you’re only going to work for them if they pay you some serious money for your efforts.

So right here and now you can pick and choose the very best programs to promote.

Which gives you some amazing options to generate some additional cashflow simply by sharing a few links… or creating something considerably more substantial with a more integrated approach.

I suggest you do both!

Test This Out For Yourself!

Not convinced?  That's OK, you can test this out simply by making a few test posts to your social media accounts.

Tell your connections you’re starting to look into Bitcoin and seeing if there’s a way to make some money.

Ask them for their thoughts and experiences to create a conversation… and then start to share a couple of the multi-tier programs we’ll talk about shortly.

Be open and up front… tell them you’ve joined and ask for their thoughts.

People will check the link out and there’s a very good chance, some of them will sign up as well.

As soon as they spend or refer someone who spends, you get paid.

Over time you can also share a few of the product or service programs as well, and again ask for feedback… some of your connections will check it out and some will make a purchase.

And you’ll be paid.

This won’t be much… maybe a couple of modest payments, but it’s much more valuable than that.

What you’ll have is proof of concept…

First-hand proof that this is still totally new to most people... and that there's a massive pool of people out there who want to know more.

And you can get paid for getting that information to them.

Once you really get that, you can get serious and start promoting this like you mean it!

Step 2. Promoting An Integrated Product

As mentioned, there are a lot of different affiliate programs out there in the Crypto world. You could research them all and pick one or two that interest you most, and devote yourself to developing resources and systems to promote them.

A lot of people take this approach and it works quite well if you have a genuine interest and passion for the products you choose.

Personally I prefer a more integrated ‘Portfolio’ approach.

I prefer to create a single resource to promote a selection of related programs, so anyone finding my material then has a much greater chance of finding something that actually resonates with them personally.

This is an example of this approach in action…

I can't know for certain whether you’re into mining, or if trading is more your thing, or maybe you're just looking for ways to make some free Satoshi… so I cover the lot.

You might surf some bitcoin faucets for a while… so I make a few cents worth of Satoshi

You might start some Bitcoin Mining… in which case I get a bit of beer money ;-)

If I get lucky, you might even sign up for a trading account… in which case I get a payout that I can invest in some additional hashrate for my own mining…

This is an approach I've used  in a few different niches in the past, and it works a treat.

If this interests you, the good news is, our Crypto Wealth Strategies package actually comes with PLR (Private label Rights) so you can edit it to use your affiliate links instead, and then sell it as your own.

We even provide a professional mini website and video sales letter, so you can be up and running selling it in no time... and you get to keep every cent you make. If you want ot get a starting stake together for your crypto-portfolio, I cannot think of a better, faster way!

This also comes with a rebrandable report you can give away for free... to your list, on your website, through your social media accounts... to direct people to your sales page.

If they buy the package... you get paid.

If they use any of the recommended services ...you get paid.

If they start selling the book and their customers start using it, you even get paid on some of that business as well!

There's a lot more you can do with the package that's covered on the page above, so check this out if you don't already have a crypto-related product to sell... it will quite literally pay for itself with your first sale!

Step 3. Crypto Website or Blog

Another option is to set up a full blown affiliate website like BitcoinBountyHunters.

This site is an affiliate marketing powerhouse...

It directly promotes about 20 different programs with direct recommendations

It advertises dozens more businesses via banner links

It earns additional revenue from Pay-Per-Click ad blocks as well

It also gives away the BitcoinBountyHunters Free Report

It sells the Crypto Wealth Strategies eBook.

So you can imagine, with that many built-in revenue streams, it is a powerful tool for growing my Bitcoin Bank. And while it was definitely worth the effort, I’ve got to tell you it was a whole lot of work…

Writing all the pages and blog posts.

Optimizing them for the search engines.

Setting up affiliate links and embedding them in the posts and pages.

Gathering all the ad banners and entering their codes

Writing the ebooks and reports and manuals.

Then setting up pages for the Free Report and the eBook.

In fact is was so much work, we've decided to package a limited number of these websites for resale as well. The idea being you can can set it up and operate as your own with only a fraction of the work or expense.

Basically it's a PLR version of this website that you can install in a matter of minutes, then you just update the links to use your own and you’re ready to go.

It is a limited offer though, only available to people who've purchased our Crypto Wealth strategies product... the two are closely interconnected...  so you'll need to purchase that first if you're interested...

Step 4. Invest Your Commissions

If you've set up the Ebook or Website... or ideally you've got both... you now have an affiliate commission machine in place!  

Plus you get the retail profits for your own direct sales.

So it's just a matter of sending traffic... free or paid... knowing that every visitor who takes action will add real value to your business.

Crypto Related MLM Programs

In particular, you should watch the networked options. Every book or website package you sell will almost certainly fill a position in your downline… and that can be extremely lucrative.

There are three programs included in your package, all with valuable services you'll want ot put to use anyway... so you may as well set these up and get paid handsomely for your referrals while you're at it!

So as you start to make some affiliate commissions, make sure you fully activate those accounts ASAP.  After that you can start to invest in the mining programs and the trading options.

Currency Mining

We cover this in detail in the Crypto Wealth Strategies ebook, but basically this should be viewed as a slow-and-steady option. The returns aren't large (by crypto standards) but they are generally quite consistent.

There isn't a lot of value in starting with a small amount though... generally I'd have to suggest a minimum purchase of $100-$200 mining contract, to get enough processing power to get a worthwhile daily return.

The exceptions are the MLM programs that combine Mining and Autotrading for you, but hopefully you got those set up previously and you're already enjoying the benefits!

We currently use 4 different miners... each a little different in their approach... and over time this diversification tends to even out the fluctuations and keep things consistent.

You do need to be aware that returns do tend to be diminishing over time.

Right now the recommended programs are working quite well, but the nature of Currency Mining means it will get hard and more expensive over time.

So avoid locking yourself into a large contract for a single currency that might stop being profitable before you recover your initial investment.

Trading Options

Personally I think this is a skill that should be taught in schools by now!

At the very least, you ought to have a plan to learn the fundamentals, so you can add it to your own arsenal.

There are some good options to let you get in the game while you learn though. In particular, you could test out some  some copy-trading so you can learn the prcess, and even some auto-trading (carefully) as you gain a little confidence.

To trade safely you do need to start with a substantial bank and only ever risk a small amount (1-2%) on any single trade.

So much so, the biggest mistake newbies make is starting without enough in their account.

This forces them to  risk too much on a single trade... usually trying to make up bank too fast.

You might get away with it for a while, but eventually it will always catch up with you and you will blow up your account.

Trading is easily the most lucrative means I know of for growing your account, but it carries real risk... especially with Cryptos, especially when you're learning.

So while I do recommend you learn to trade, I'll add the caveat... only if you are prepared to invest the time and effort to learn how to do it properly!

Be sure to read our suggestions and starter strategies in the Crypto Wealth Strategies eBook before diving in.


Step 5. Maintain A Balanced Portfolio

The main thing at this stage it to pace yourself!

High returns are a sure sign of high risk... so if you're getting a particularly good return from a particular strategy, the right course of action is usually to take some of the profit out and reduce your exposure.

Unfortunately... human nature being what it is... we are far more likely to double up our investment instead!  

So when the inevitable correction happens, all our gains are quickly wiped out and we take an even bigger hit.

So it's critically important that you manage your risk by diversifying across multiple instruments and currencies... and keep moving portions of your profits to ever-safer locations.

You'll soon see which of these programs are the biggest earners... and it will be pretty exciting.. but any time you catch yourself day-dreaming about how high it might go, be sure to also ask yourself, how much would you lose if it all tanked right now?

If the answer makes you flinch, it might be a sign that it's time to reshuffle your portfolio!

As far as securing your Altcoin goes, you should aim to keep the largest amount possible in the most secure wallets, and the bare minimum in any high-risk wallets.

Hardware Wallets are for your main holdings. This is a wallet that never needs to connect to the internet. You disconnect before you launch it, and make whatever transfers you need to, to and from your desktop wallet.

Desktop Wallets are like your money management account.It is 'connected. But loads more secure than a web-based wallet and ensures you retain full control of your keys and ids.

Web Based Wallets are like the wallet or purse you carry around with you.

This usually has just enough cash to cover your day to day purchases. Occasionally you might have a larger amount in there, but only for a specific upcoming purchase, and you'll probably be a little bit nervous the whole time it's there!

When you purchase any currency, you should NEVER leave it in the wallet provided by the exchange.

That is THE most vulnerable place for your Altcoin.

Most of the thefts and hacking attacks you'll have read about have been carried out on exchanges. Most of the embezzlers you might have heard about have been exchange owners...

Use the services as required... most are totally legit... but get your money off into a more secure Wallet as soon as possible after that.

A Few Final Thoughts...

Thanks for reading this all the way though. I hope you got a few ideas you can apply immediately to start building up your starting bank a little faster.

In particular, I encourage you to carefully consider investing in the Crypto Wealth Strategies package. This will give you an entire business in a box, that could easily fund your entire crypto portfolio over the next few years.  

Check out the presentation below to see just how many monetization options are built into it...and just how quick and easy we've made it for you to get up and running...

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A 5 Step Strategy for Building a Viable Bank for Bitcoin Investing

OK, we all know why we're here...

We see the enormous upside in Crypto Currencies and we want

to get a hold of as many as possible, as fast as possible, so we

can benefit from the price increases we keep hearing about.

I plan to go a little further though...

I also want my Altcoins to be generating additional income.

To be blunt, I'm from the instant gratification generation and I don't

plan on waiting 5-10 years to benefit from the work I do now.

And it shouldn't be that hard. After all, we’ve all heard the predictions…

Bitcoin set to reach  $10,000... $100,000... or even $1 million

 according to some people who really ought to know.

It's not hard to do the sums and imagine how a decent holding would change our lives…

I’m sure everyone reading this page agrees it would be really good to be holding 10, 20 or more bitcoin even right now… while they are under $5000 each.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know how that would change your life.

But very few of us have $50,000, $100,000 or more to invest in this.

And to be honest, with the Bitcoin price so volatile, I’d want a whole lot more than that in reserve before I spent so much on such a single investment.

So I've developed my own Bank-Builder strategy that does all this for me...  

It's a low-risk, low-cost method to raise capital and generate additional

ongoing cashflows that I can enjoy or reinvest as the mood takes me.

And right now it's working a treat, so let's get to it!

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