A source for information about the Crypto Currencies - A glimpse into the future of banking



 A source for information about the Crypto Currencies - A glimpse into the future of banking

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Crypto Wealth Strategies

Build Your Own Low Cost, Low Risk High Return Crypto-Currency Portfolio

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. How To Use This Book

3. How Bitcoin Works

 What is a Blockchain?

 Where do Bitcoins come from?

 Who controls Bitcoin?

 So is Bitcoin Safe?

 What About All The Other Cryptos?

 A Few Terms You'll Need To Know...

4. An Overview Of Our Approach

 Putting The Pieces Together

 Working Out Your Personal Strategy

 100 Bitcoin In 100 Weeks!

 Setting Your Own Investment Goals

5. Building Your Investment Fund

 Your Bitcoin Bank Builder

 Promoting An Integrated Product

 Promote a Crypto Website or Blog

 Activating Your Affiliate Commissions

6. Launching Your Investment Portfolio

 Networked / Combination Programs

  Coin XL AutoTrading Platform

  Trade Coin Club

  Coin Crowd

7. Crypto Currency Mining Options

 Advantages of Cloud Mining

 Cloud Mining Companies

 Is Bitcoin Mining Even Worth The Effort?

 Genesis Mining

 Hashing 24

 HashFlare Mining

 MinerGate Desktop Software

8. Crypto Currency Trading

 Getting Started In Currency Trading

 Why You Shouldn't Learn Trading With Cryptos

 Learning Crypto Currency Trading

  Step 1. Get Yourself Some Theory.

  Step 2. Find Yourself A Mentor To Study

  Step 3. Step Up To A Pro Trading Platform

  Step 4. Set Up A Trading Account with a Forex Broker

  Step 5. Ongoing /Long-term Trading Strategies

  Step 6. Applying Trading Skills To Investing

 Investing In New Crypto Currencies

9. Launching Your Crypto Portfolio

 Bitcoin / Crypto Wallets

  Web Based Wallets

  Desktop or Mobile Wallets

  Hardware Wallets

 Buying Your First Bitcoin

 Managing Your Bitcoin

  Multiple Wallets

  Backing Up Your Account Information

  Spending Your Altcoin

  Crypto ATM and/or Debit Cards

 Developing Your Own Action Plan

  Step 1. Get Set Up, Ready For Business...

  Step 2. Need Funds? Set Up Affiliate Marketing

  Step 3. Register With The MLM Programs

  Step 4. Set Up Some Currency Mining

  Step 5. Set Up Some Trading Options

  Step 6. Start Buying Cryptos To Hold

10. Long Term Portfolio Management

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Appendix 1. No Cost / Low Cost Starting Strategies

Appendix II. Other Links & Resources

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I think I've probably been aware of Bitcoin for longer than most, definitely longer than any of my friends... but in a lot of ways I never really got it until early-2016.

I've been trading currencies for years, so I'd been following Bitcoin's rapid climb since the first few Forex brokers offered it. I made a few small trades early on, but it was pretty expensive and volatile... and the broker margins were quite low... so I soon went back to the standard currency pairs.  

I've been doing business online for even longer than that though, so I'd also looked at a few different options for accepting payments in Bitcoin... but it way a bit complicated and not a priority, so I kept putting it off for 'later'.  

But then Bitcoin broke the $300 mark and people started to pay attention.

And then as it sailed past $1000, more people started to make BIG predictions.

The predictions themselves were nothing new... the early-adopters had been trying to convert us for years... usually with the over-the-top claims you expect from evangelists...

Butt now the people making the big predictions were big names and mainstream organisations

All of them putting some pretty exciting predictions out there...

Some going as far as to predict future price levels that are hard to comprehend...

 $30,000  $100,000  even $500,000 or more for a single Bitcoin.

Regardless of whether to not you believe the predictions, it was clear that Bitcoin was simply too big to ignore any longer... and I had to have a piece of it too!

The only thing was, I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money.

Back then my thinking was pretty simple... I wanted to get hold of about 20 Bitcoin... just in case this thing really took off.

I'd missed the chance to get in early and Bitcoin was already up around the $2000 mark, so a cash investment was not an option.

So instead I started to look for other ways I might make it happen.

It was only then that the penny dropped and I really began to see the ptoential in this niche. An area of incredible potential that most of the pundits were overlooking...

This is a collection of brand new industries... all just getting started.

The real gold rush here is all the businesses trying to stake out a claim.

All desperately hoping their product or service might be the next big thing.

All throwing huge sums of money around to try snare market share...

And make their own part of the dream a reality.

Yes, the incredible price action of Bitcoin has got some attention, and I'm sure a lot of other crypto currencies will follow a similar trajectory in the next few years...

But for me, the real buried treasure in this niche are all the businesses who are investing so heavily right now, trying to secure a foothold...

And all the other businesses.... most of whom don't even exist yet!... who'll be coming along soon enough, with products and services that don't even exist yet.

It's not often you get a chance to get in on something so big, so early... so there's no way I could stay out of it...

And so this project was born…

How To Use This Book

Over the last couple of years I’ve researched and tested more strategies for generating Altcoin than I can count. Many of them were worked OK for a while before fading, some were outright scams, others just never got off the ground.

For all that though, I found a few strategies that really worked and have helped me make a pretty good start on my own Crypto holdings.

These are options that were very reliable in my early small-scale tests, and kept on performing as I scaled up. What was really impressive (and not exactly planned for), was how well they work together...

And I started to look at the collection of platforms, tools and programs as a Portfolio.

Basically I was investing in a mix of instruments to generate both immediate cashflow and long-term capital growth.

And I was using a diversified approach to reduce my risk exposure and increased stability...

So I started to tell people about my new Crypto Portfolio...

I started to share a few of these ideas with a few friends and family, and it soon became clear that working together on some of these strategies could actually make the whole package even more profitable...

The nature of the industry is such that my results improved significantly when I started sharing this knowledge and helping other people get started as well.  

So that is the goal of this eBook you're now reading...

To share a selection Crypto investment strategies with you,

and to help you launch your own Crypto Portfolio.

It follows a tested and proven process, and I've tried to lay it out in roughly that order, but you'll find it isn't a linear process.

There are some steps you'll revisit over and over, others you'll jump to every now and then... and probably some you'll choose to skip altogether.

So I encourage you to read this eBook right through and get the big picture first, before you start planning your own strategy.  

After that you'll find it's also flexible enough that you can pick your own entry point: depending on how much time, money and expertise you have to invest in this.

For the most part though, it assumes that you're pretty much where I was... keen to dive right in, but reluctant to risk too much of my capital upfront.

With that in mind, a large part of this book is devoted to generating some initial cashflow, to supplement your initial stake, so you can invest with minimal risk in the various programs that will then generate compounding returns for you, for many years to come.

That’s our big picture strategy…

To build a productive portfolio of crypto currency investments that not only increases in value, but also provides additional income so we can enjoy the fruits of our labours 'now'.

Now you already know why that's a good idea, so I'm not going to bore you with all the statistics, trends and predictions.

Instead I'm just going to cut to the chase and show you how you can get the funds to start building your own Crypto Portfolio… and more... immediately!

So regardless of your current financial situation, you’ll see we have options to start you on this journey, no matter where you’re starting from.

First A Bit Of Background

If you already read our Bitcoin Bounty Hunters report, you can skip this section, otherwise, it's important that you take moment to cover the basics.

I don't want to overload you with a whole lot of techno-jargon, but if you're going to invest wisely in this industry, you do need to know a little bit of where it started and how it works.

I will keep it as short and as simple as possible though.

A Super Brief History

Bitcoin came about from a whitepaper released in 2008: Bitcoin, A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. It was just 9 pages and outlined a process for passing digital funds from one user to another using blockchain encryption to protect the system from the creation of 'extra' money.

The first Bitcoin was mined in January 2009 and the first transaction was conducted soon after when the founders exchanged  some funds directly. Later that year the New Liberty Standard established the value of Bitcoin at 1309.03 bitcoins for 1 dollar.

The first real-world transaction followed in May 2010, when a Florida programmer sent 10,000BTC to a volunteer in England, who then spent about $25 to order him a pizza from Papa John’s.

Today that pizza is valued at almost 2 million pounds and the

transaction is regarded as a major milestone in Bitcoin history.

For the next few years there was a rollercoaster ride of good and bad news. One the bad side there was hacking, theft, illicit users, money laundering... which all brought notoriety and knocked the price down.

At the same time, growing mainstream acceptance in the business community and constantly improving security measures pushed it back up again. Despite the troubles, in November 2013 Bitcoin topped US$1000 for the first time, before dropping back as low as $200 as more dramas emerged.

One of the 'biggest breaks' came when the Silk Road online drug marketplace was taken down... which clearly demonstrated that Bitcoin wasn't the anonymous haven for illegal

activities that many critics had claimed.

By 2015 things had settled down and Bitcoin had finally achieved mainstream acceptance. That was confirmed when the New York Stock Exchange made a substantial investment in the Coinbase IPO.

By 2016 it was estimated that worldwide over 180,000 businesses were accepting Bitcoin payments and over Bitcoin 770 ATMs were available. And in March 2017, the price of a Bitcoin crossed the price of an ounce of gold for the first time ever.

Bitcoin had most definitely arrived...

How It All Works...

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system for making online payments using a digital currency.

The idea of a digital currency had been around for some time, but it wasn't until the problem of 'double spending' was addressed that it became a reality.

Since anything digital can be copied over and over again, the challenge was creating a digital payment system that make sure that nobody spends the same money more than once.

Offline it's handled by the fact paper money is physically transferred from buyer to seller.

Online it's been handled by a central authority... ie a bank... recording and verifying all transactions... removing the payment from the buyer's account and adding it to the seller's account.  

What makes Bitcoin special is that it uses a massive peer-to-peer network to verify every single transaction. When you send a Bitcoin to another person, they don't actually get to use it until 'the network' confirms it is valid.

Once verified though, your payments are non-reversible, your accounts cannot be frozen, and transaction fees are much lower... especially on large transactions.

What is a Blockchain?

The blockchain is simply a record of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever taken place. It is similar to a ledger that a bank might keep to record all transactions of their customers and it is key to preventing 'double spending'.  

Instead of the central authority... the bank... maintaining the ledger, with the blockchain, a copy of the ledger file is shared between thousands of participants globally who choose to become involved as 'Miners'.

New bitcoin transactions are added in the blockchain by a consensus of a majority of the Miners... the verification process. Once a transaction is entered in the blockchain, it can never be erased or modified.

The good news, you don't need to do anything... or even know too much about all this... to use Bitcoin. This massive community is always working quietly in the background, verifying transactions and creating (a limited number of) new Bitcoins.

Where do Bitcoins come from?

The miners described above put their computers to work verifying transactions in the peer-to-peer network. These users are then rewarded with Bitcoins, proportional to the amount of computing power they donate to the network.

The difficulty involved in verifying a transaction is set to increase over time, so the release is controlled and the value of Bitcoin is supported. As miners get more efficient by using more powerful software/hardware, the complexity also increases, so the release rate remains relatively stable.

The system was originally set up to gradually release a total of 21,000,000 Bitcoin. Once that point is reached, the digital 'plates' will self destruct and no more can ever be created.

At time of writing there are just under 16.5 million in circulation, so there is still a lot of Bitcoin available to the miners.

Who controls Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin transaction is simply a transfer of value between two Bitcoin wallets that has been included in the Blockchain. So the only people involved are the two exchanging funds, and the Miners working anonymously in the background to verify the blockchain transaction.

A Wallet is simply a digital storage space that holds your Bitcoin. They are many variations, mostly differing by security measures and convenience, but essentially they

all store your personal private key, or seed, which is used to sign transactions.

This private key provides a mathematical proof that the Bitcoin you send has in fact come from you, the owner of the wallet. That proof is verified each time by the Miners who confirm the transaction.  

Various government bodies and banking organisations have attempted to regulate the use Bitcoin, but the system itself is beyond their reach. The peer to peer structure, plus various checks and measures built into the system itself, makes it extremely difficult for anyone to manipulate Bitcoin.

So is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin had it's ups and downs in the early days and definitely got a lot of bad press after some major thefts and the odd embezzlement.  The fact is however, these were all due to vulnerabilities in the supporting software and services... wallets and coin exchanges mainly... and/or a few unscrupulous people ripping off their own customers.  

To date there has never been a successful attack on the actual Bitcoin client.

So in a lot of ways it's quite similar to fiat money... when a bank is robbed, it's not the money that's at fault but rather the security measures at the bank.

What About All The Other Cryptos?

Once the blockchain was created to resolve the double spending problem, the door was wide open for anyone to create their own currency. And these days there are literally hundreds of other crypto currencies using the blockchain model.

Several have reached a critical mass already and have the support of enough users to make them a viable currency. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero and Ethereum are probably the best known and their valuations seem to be following a similar trajectory to that of Bitcoin.

We'll discuss some of these in more detail throughout the book.

A Few Terms You'll Need To Know...

Just before we move on, there are a few terms you'll be seeing a lot of... so just to be safe, here's a quick checklist...

Fiat Money… normal paper money as we know it. There's a lot more to it if you want to go looking... and it's kind of interesting in a historical / geopolitics kind of way... but that's enough for now.

Altcoin... a generic term for all Crypto Currencies, including Bitcoin.

Bitcoin… the original Crypto Currency. It tends to get used as a generic name a lot, though I'll try to avoid it for clarity

Blockchain... the encrypted string that records all Bitcoin transactions. Each new transaction is added to the string (ie a block).

Miners... network users who donate their time and computing power to help with the encryption and verification of transactions.

Exchanges... businesses that buy and sell crypto currencies. Originally they connected buyers with sellers, but most these days seem to let you deal with them directly for faster turnaround.

Brokers... in this sense, the Forex brokers who allow you to buy and sell currency pairs, including an increasing number of crypto currency crosses. More on the specifics in the Trading section...

Satoshis... named after the author of the original Bitcoin whitepaper, this is a unit of Bitcoin... 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin!   (Today that's USD $0.0000277971)

An Overview Of Our Approach

The goal here is to build a fairly substantial portfolio of crypto-investments, with minimal risk and up front outlay, in the shortest time possible.

Now it should be obvious to most people that there are some contradictions in that statement. The shortest time possible would require a major investment the highest paying investments... which will usually carry the highest risk.

So what we adopt instead is a cycling process...

1. You start by setting up some additional cashflow projects to fund your portfolio over the long term.

2. As soon as you've got it, invest a small amount in a moderately paying program to get started.

3. As that matures, take the profits and reinvest them... back into the same option if it was working... or else try a different one if you think it might do better.

4. At the same time, move a portion of the profits into a lower risk long-term option.

5. Rinse and repeat...

Keep working on your cashflow projects and each time funds become available, set up an extra investment option.

As your balances grow, you can move more and more off into your most secure storage options.

They won't pay as much... if they pay anything at all... but the price trajectory of these cryptos should ensure you still get a reasonable return on your holdings.

Always remember, loss of opportunity is far preferable to loss of capital.

A major trap to watch for, is when you spot something working particularly well, making better than expected returns.

High returns are usually a sign of high risk... so the smart play would be to take some profit and reduce your exposure.  

Human nature however dictates that most people will do the exact opposite... and increase their investment and risk even more.

So when the inevitable correction comes, they not only lose their profits, they often lose the 'extra' capital they added to their investment as well.

Putting The Pieces Together

To make all this work we use a number of tools and investment options.

They each have different entry costs, different risk levels and different rates of returns.

This is a deliberate strategy to diversify your portfolio, even to the point of surrendering some higher returns for the sake of stability and security.

This is a new industry... or several different overlapping industries to be precise... so it's still quite unpredictable and there are very real risks. It make sense to spread your investments... and your time.. around, so if something takes a dive it doesn't bring you undone.

Remember... as good as I think these various programs and options are, past results do not guarantee future performance, so you must pro-actively manage your risk.

So here's a quick look at the tools we'll be using:

We do use some of these differently to what you might be expecting, so please keep an open mind until we get to the detailed explanation... you might just be surprised!

Buy & Hold Bitcoin and other Altcoins

This is the ultimate goal of course... buy chunks of the various crypto currencies and just sit on them, and wait for the price to do it's thing. Everything that follows is designed to move you towards that point.

The good news is, if you do it right, these holdings will just develop in place from dozens of different sources we set up. You job will simply be deciding whether to store them away safely, or put them back to work... or simply spend them!

Crypto Affiliate Marketing:

This is our secret weapon in a lot of ways so we start here. This industry is an affiliate marketer's dream and it's only going to get better.. and more lucrative... as Crypto becomes more and more mainstream.

Very few business in this niche don't have an affiliate program so we use a few of the best to set up some ongoing revenue streams that could easily fund all your crypto investments for many years to come.

MLM Referral Investment Programs

In an ultra competitive market such as Crypto, these businesses are already fighting for attention, so it follows that some would use an MLM approach to attract more users and grow their market.

We've selected a few programs that each offer a valuable service ...and... also pay out a lucrative compensation plan if you choose to help them get the word out. So we'll show you how set up a couple of systems to do just that on auto... building your network and generating even more ready cash to invest.

Crypto Currency Mining

This is a medium term option that's largely set-and-forget and makes a valuable addition to your portfolio once you have sufficient funds available.

There are some pitfalls to avoid and a couple of tweaks to make consistent returns though, so take your time on this and be sure to test the various options for yourself.

Crypto Currency Trading

This is a long term option that I think everyone should aim to learn... eventually.

It will take serious time and effort to learn it properly of course, but there are a couple of useful options you can start working while you learn … if you're careful.

We'll have a look at those, plus explore a few resources for earning to do it right. You'll see I've got some fairly strong views on this... and I'll even try to talk you out of it... but get it right and the rewards are substantial.

Free & Cheap Options

Don't get your hopes up here... I cover the free options mostly to warn you not to bother, though there are a couple that are definitely worth a look if you have some time on your hands.

There are also a number of ways you can start earning Bitcoin with very low up front costs. They aren't fast, but the do work, and I'll explain a couple that could be useful for you if you're keen to make a start, no matter how small...

Working Out Your Personal Strategy

How you choose to put all this together will depend on a lot of factors that only you can assess. In particular you need to consider...

How much money you have available right now to invest in this?

How much disposable income you have to assign to this?

How much time and effort you're able to put in each week? Each month?

How much Altcoin you plan on getting? 10 Bitcoins? 20? 100?

How long you give yourself to get it? 12 months? 5 years?

How much of the profits you want to pull out and enjoy along the way?

The short version is, the less you have to start with, the more time it's going to take... either time to invest in working the systems, or time until it matures... or both.

And my personal recommendation would be to aim ridiculously high and when you've worked out a reasonable timeline to make it happen, chop that in half!

It's not as crazy as it might sound...

In fact, there's a lot of evidence that you are far more likely to achieve a goal that you don't think you've got a snowflakes' chance in hell of reaching...  I'll explain why in a minute.

For now, here's the goal I set for myself when I got serious about this...

I’m going to set up some some passive income streams and then apply

those to grow my investment to 100 Btc in the next two years.

Now the obvious problem is that I didn't have the ready-cash to just go out and buy them.

And even if I had the cash, I've got to be honest... I'd never put everything I had into a single high risk investment like this.

I don't mind the idea of growing an investment to that level, but fork out $300,000 on it just like that... I don't think so!

The price is still quite volatile and quite a few analysts are expecting some sort of correction before it resumes it’s upward run.

Plus there’s always the chance that some new technology could turn up that’s even better…

So my goal is big, but my long-term approach is actually quite conservative and risk-averse.

Start small with minimal risk and set up a diversified mix of investments to grow that investment over time....

Work with tools and programs whose payouts are in Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies… so profits can be reinvested to compound my returns.

Is 100 Bitcoin A Realistic Goal Though?

You bet it is!  

You see we aren't trying to do it with one instrument. That would be foolish.

Instead this program uses dozens of different programs to generate income, mostly paid out in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

And any one of these programs is capable of earning you a few bitcoin over the next two years...

In fact, some of them should make considerably more than that once they get going...

So even if the average is 5 bitcoins from 20 programs, we're there.

And when you add in the compound benefits of daily, weekly and monthly payouts on some of the programs... it could be that 100 is setting the bar a little low!  

If you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true, that’s good!

It is good that you're a bit sceptical...

This is an industry rife with wild expectations and outright scams, so it’s good that you have your guard up. But I also encourage you to keep an open mind

This industry is experiencing rapid expansion. New businesses and investment options are emerging every day, and all of them are desperate for both customers and investors… and they are prepared to pay top premiums to get both

It’s an industry of evangelists. The early-adopters in any new industry are often more excited by the technology than the are profit. They might be hoping to make a profit from their venture, but many are also determined to change the world view on crypto currencies…

It’s an industry that's free to grow.  It's free of the strictures of traditional banking. Free of government regulation. Free to operate around the clock and across borders.  There's no telling where this might end up...

You can pay anyone, anywhere instantly. More important for you... anyone can pay you instantly... so daily and even hourly payouts are common as you’ll see in the programs we recommend below. And when you reinvest even small amounts on that sort of time frame, the compounding effect can be incredible.

All of these factors make consistent high returns quite possible.

Obviously with any investment, a high return is usually a pretty good indicator of high risk as well, and crypto-currencies are no exception, but that doesn't mean you have to avoid them altogether. It just means proceed with caution.

We actually manage that risk with a very diversified approach…

We use a selection of carefully screened investment options... each one quite independent of the others and all a little bit unique... so if one stumbles, it won’t have a major impact on our overall portfolio.

We also recommend starting small and building your bank, so you can invest in the more conservative options as well as the more aggressive growth options.

And it should go without saying, never invest a single dollar that you can’t afford to lose!

And finally...

Please don’t just blindly follow my suggestions

Do your own due-diligence based on your current situation, your available funds and expected income, and your personal risk profile.

We've put together some very good options here that could work extremely well for you, but you need to assess that for yourself.

Setting Your Own Investment Goals

Just before we dive in, it’s worth taking a minute to assess your own situation and expectations so you can set yourself a couple of goals...

How much Bitcoin you want to accumulate and when you want it by?

You also need cashflow to live on. None of us want to wait until we attain our final goal before we enjoy at least some of the fruits of our labours…

When do you want to start drawing money out, and how much do you want?

So depending on your current situation, where you want to get to, and how much cash you have to start with, you can put some sort of deadline on this?

If you’ve got a couple of thousand dollars on hand, you might look at where you want to be in twelve months time?

If you’ve only got a few hundred to get you started, you might do better to make it a long term plan like I did... for two years from today!

The main thing is to be specific and dream big!

If your goal seems achievable now, it’s not big enough.

If you know how you’re going to do it before you start, it’s not a real goal.

If it doesn’t scare you a bit… it’s not audacious enough!

These kind of goals work when they shake you to the core and make you wonder what the heck you're setting yourself up for?

That's what actually sends your sub-conscious mind into action... so it starts coming up with all kinds of ways to make this crazy notion a reality!

Far too many people set easy goals that don’t motivate or excite them on any level.

So they either end up with a boring to-do list that gets them nowhere they wouldn’t have gotten anyway… or else they lose interest and forget about it entirely.

So make sure you set a goal here that truly excites and exhilarates you!

Write it down as if you’ve already achieved it and read it out loud a few times… try to imagine how it’s going to feel once you achieve it… and make sure it puts a massive smile on your face.

If not, go back and try again until it’s totally real and inspiring!

Once you’ve got that, continue on and start reading up on the actual tools you can use to make that goal a reality.

 And if you’re really serious, keep on reading your goal...

Twice a day, every single day,

First thing when you wake up, last thing before you go to sleep.

Trust me… it just works!

Building Your Investment Fund

The first step is to get some funds together to get started. If you happen to have a few thousand dollars lying around, you can probably skip this section, but if not, you really do need to read it through...

The first thing you need to understand is that time is on your side.

It's far too easy to look at the price history of Bitcoin and think you've missed your chance... the boat has sailed, the big move is over, no point chasing it now...

Well there is always a chance that could be true, but virtually every pundit out there is telling you you're dead wrong.

This whole thing has barely gotten started!

Right now at time of writing, 0.1 Bitcoin (Btc) will cost you about $400.

Not a huge amount in the big scheme of things, and most people could probably raise that in the next few months if they were really determined.

And if you did that... and if the price does go as high as some are predicting... then that could be worth $50,000 by 2030.

Would that be getting in too late?

Even if that prediction is wrong and it only makes it one tenth of the distance... $5,000... would you be that upset with $4600 profit? A 1750% return over 13 years?

No one I know is going to knock that back!

What about Ethereum? Right now it's about $300 and there's a lot of talk that it's set to do even better than Bitcoin.

There's no guarantee obviously but just in case...  how many Ethereum would you like to be holding by the end of this year?

Would you work a little overtime each week if it would buy you a few?

And of course there's all the newer currencies that are even cheaper. There's literally hundreds you can buy for a dollar or two... and plenty of others stil ljsut a few cents each.

It's hard to keep up with all of them, but if you knew one of those was destined to surpass both Bicoin and Ethereum... how much time and effort would you put into researching them and trying to pick the winner?

Would you think for a minute that you'd missed your chance to get in on this industry?

I hope not, because I'll say it again and again...

You ain't seen nothing yet. Were just getting started!

The second point I want to stress is that your returns will be in direct proportion to your investment.

As you get into this you will see a lot of incredible offers to take your Bitcoin and multiply it many times over... all in an matter of weeks, days, or even hours.

Don't be fooled... if you don't invest substantially in the process... money or effort or both... then it's almost certainly a scam.

And while it's easy to spot these and avoid them, the hidden trap is the amount of time you can waste checking them all out... just in case you've found the exception.

In researching this book I came across dozens of these every time I went online... and I looked into far more of them than I like to admit... and the time-drain was incredible.

Reading the sales pitch, looking for more info on the site, checking for reviews and reports elsewhere...

And eventually coming to the conclusion that my initial impression was

spot on... too good to be true!

So trust your gut on those....if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

If you feel you really must check something out... bookmark it for later and work through our tested programs first. (If it's legit it will still be a good offer in a few weeks time!)

Then if you really want to, you can go back and review them all later... though chances are by then you'll have so many of these bookmarked that you'll just delete the lot.

Your Bitcoin Bank Builder

Building up a serious investment portfolio is going to take serious money.

And if you haven't got a decent bank to start with... or plenty of disposable income to add to it as you go... then it can be slow going. So we've put together this section as an option to fund your entire investment program!

That might sound like a big call, but what you should know is...


This industry is an affiliate marketers dream!

It is still brand new and virtually untapped… most of the world has yet to hear about crypto currencies... let alone incorporate them into their lives.

So a new crypto product or service that is barely  break-even now, could be a thousand times more profitable in a few years time!

And savvy business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere are realising that and trying to cash in on it.

Countless vendors madly trying to come up with the next amazing product or service that will take the market by storm…

And they're in a hurry because any start up that creates it’s own market and ties up market-share could dominate their field for years to come.

The stakes are high because the potential rewards are staggering.

To reap those rewards though, they all need exposure…

Eyeballs on web-pages, email addresses into lists, bums on digital seats…

And they are all terrified that someone will beat them to it...

Either by locking up the market with a different brand…

Or creating a better product altogether.

So they are desperate to get the word out fast.

And that means they will pay you incredibly well for your help.

Almost every crypto product or service you encounter will offer an affiliate program.

And simple laws of supply and demand apply.

If everyone has an affiliate program, then anyone that wants your help will need to offer you a better deal than their competition.

So they will all pay you extremely well for any new customer you send to them.

Many will pay you commission on the customers purchases for life.

Many will pay you ongoing commissions on recurring subscription services.

Many will also pay you for sending them new affiliates.

And more and more are going to pay you even more on multiple levels…

They want you promoting their stuff and they know you’re only going to work for them if they pay you some serious money for your efforts. So right here and now you hold the power and you can pick and choose the very best programs to promote.

Which gives you some amazing options to generate some additional cashflow simply by sharing a few links… or creating something considerably more substantial with a more integrated approach. I suggest you do both, but first, you can test this for yourself...

Not convinced?  

That's OK, you can test this out quite easily by making a few test posts to your social media accounts. Tell your connections you’re starting to look into Bitcoin and seeing if there’s a way to make some without spending too much.

Ask them for their thoughts and experiences to create a conversation…

You'll immediately see there is real interest... and a lot of people who know even less about this than you. People who will now look to you for guidance and ideas.

Register for free at CoinCrowd, get familiar with everything on offer and then grab your affiliate link and share that.

Be open and upfront… tell them you’ve joined, that you're liking what you see, and  ask them to look it over.

Point out the 1000 Free Shares on offer for new Members... no catch.

People will check the link out and there’s a very good chance, most of them will sign up as well to get their shares...

And you'll get extra shares for referring them!

Even better though... you’ll have proof of concept…

First-hand proof that this is still totally new to most people... and that there's a massive pool of people out there who want to know more.

And you can get rewarded for getting that information to them.

Once you really get that, you can get serious and start promoting this like you mean it!

Promoting An Integrated Product

As you've seen there are a lot of different affiliate programs in the Crypto world.

A lot of people prefer to specialise... you could research them all, pick one or two that interest you the most, and then devote yourself to developing resources and systems to promote them exclusively.

This approach can work quite well... especially if you have a genuine interest and passion for the products you choose.

This is how a lot of 'product evangelists' operate... they use it, they love it, they want to tell the world about it. That's great, but it's not really a 'business'.

I prefer a much broader and hands-free approach.

I prefer to create a single resource to promote a selection of related programs. That way  anyone finding my material then has a much greater chance of finding something that resonates with them personally.

That's what this book aims to do. As do the free reports we give away on the website.

It packages the links with useful information, so the reader has it all on hand whenever they decide to take action, regardless of which option interests them at the time.

This is an approach I've used  in a few different niches in the past, and it works a treat.

If you purchased the PLR rights to this book, you can use it exactly the same way.

You edit it to include your own links instead of mine, edit the sales page to use your payment link instead of mind... load it all up to the web and send visitor traffic...

If they buy the package... you get paid.

If they use any of the recommended services ...you get paid.

If they start selling the book and their customers start using it

you even get paid on some of that business as well!

If you purchased the PLR license, you really need to get this set up ASAP… even before you go any further here. Once your sales page is up and you're open for business, you can come back here and continue.

Seriously! Stop now and go set this up. Start with the Affiliate Programs manual and then the Editng Your Ebook manual and finally the Mini Site Setup manual.

If you chose not to get the PLR rights... or if someone forwarded a pirated copy of this ebook to you... you can purchase a license below...  

omote a Crypto Website or Blog

Another option is to set up a full blown affiliate website to promote all these affiliate products and services on auto... and also to sell your own products.

If you purchased our Instant Crypto Website Package when you bought this eBook, you'll already know about this, but if not, you can check out a demo website here...

Instant Crypto Affiliate Website

I've got to tell you, this site is an affiliate marketing powerhouse...

It directly promotes about 20 different programs with Direct Recommendations

It advertises dozens more businesses via Ad Banner links

It earns additional revenue from Pay-Per-Click ad blocks

It even earns each time a Captcha Image is shown on a form!

It also gives away the monetized Bitcoin Bounty Hunters Free Report

It sells the 5 different Crypto related products!

It builds a Crypto mailing list for promoting additional offers later on...

So you can imagine, with that many built-in revenue streams, it is a powerful tool for growing my Bitcoin Bank. And while it was definitely worth the effort, I’ve got to tell you it was a whole lot of work…

Writing all the pages and blog posts, finding the images

Optimizing the website for the search engines.

Setting up affiliate links and embedding them in the posts and pages.

Gathering all the ad banners and entering their codes

Writing the ebooks and reports and manuals.

Setting up pages for the Free Report

Setting up sales and download pages for the eBook.

It was all done over several months, so I lost track of the time that went into it, but I'd estimate it was at least 200 hours in total. Plus there were dozens of expenses every week to make it work just right.

In fact is was so much work, we've decided it was a waste to only publish it once!

Instead we decided to package a limited number of these websites for resale as well.

The idea being that you can install your own website in a matter of minutes, then you just update the links to use your own and you’re ready to go.

And if you took the PLR option on this, you can even sell the website package too!

That gives you a multiple-product sales funnel... already built into your website... so you can generate some front end cash sales from every single customer… and then earn again as they start to use the various crypto products and services you're promoting within the package.

So, if you purchased this package when you bought this eBook you should have this set up already?

If not, stop reading this right now!

Go and get your own Crypto Affiliate Website up and running ASAP!

If you didn't grab the Instant Crypto Website package when you had the chance, it's not too late... check the link below for the current options.

Activating Your Affiliate Commissions

If you've set up the Ebook or Website... or ideally you've got both working for you by now... then you have a powerful affiliate commission machine in place!  

Plus you'll be getting the retail profits for your own direct sales.

So it's just a matter of sending traffic... free or paid... and knowing that every visitor who takes action will add real value to your business.

For maximum value you should have registered with each of the promoted programs so you could add your own links to the packages.

If you didn't have cash available for the paid MLM options, you'll want to put the proceeds of your initial sales into that ASAP and then update the links

accordingly so you don't miss out on  any future sign-ups.

Once you do that, every book or website package you sell will almost

certainly fill a position in your downline…

And that can be extremely lucrative, so make sure you fully activate

those accounts ASAP.

As soon as you have all that in place and ready to start generating income for you, you'll need to turn on some traffic systems. You'll find an extensive list of ideas for doing that in your bonus package.

I'd really encourage you to work through the Traffic Guides and Advanced Traffic Systems videos...  and activate as many of those as possible, now while you are fresh and enthusiastic.

If you plan to get back to it later, odds are you never will!

So do as much as you possibly can now,

so you don't have to go back later.

Realistically any random visitor could well be worth a Bitcoin or two to you over the next couple of years...

So if each traffic system could be worth a whole lot more if you do it right!

Once you've done all that and turned on the traffic, it's time to start planning  and building your Crypto Portfolio.

Launching Your Investment Portfolio

As mentioned earlier, there are currently four main ways people are making money consistently with crypto currencies.  We covered Affiliate Marketing above, which works with Crypto–businesses, so now we're onto the more direct options that work with the currency itself...

Mining, Trading and Networked Combo Programs.

We’ll look at each of these in detail below and I'll share my recommendations for each,  but please keep in mind you always have plenty of other options. You can go looking for alternatives if for any reason you don't feel totally confident with my suggestions.

That said, these are businesses I've tested personally and I've been working with for some time... so even if you plan to shop around, still check these options out carefully so you know what features and options to look for.

A Quick Word on Diversification

In setting up a diversified Crypto-Currency Portfolio, you should consider making sure some of your holdings are in the other digital currencies… in particular Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Dogecoin. These could all be useful additions to your Bitcoin holdings.

Part of the reason I use multiple programs for currency mining is because they each offer a different selection of currencies to work with... and withdraw my profits in.

It also helps spread my risk exposure, so I do recommend you aim to create similar diversification as much your funds come in.

Networked / Combination Programs

These are some businesses that using a multi-level affiliate marketing plan to grow their user base, to promote various currency trading, mining and educational services.

To me it seems a logical step in a marketplace that is so competitive...

They want affiliates to get them established and promote their services so

they've build a generous compensation plan into their marketing plan.

These programs have the potential to get you going the fastest... especially if you are promoting the Crypto Wealth Strategies eBook, or the Instant Crypto Website package.

As you promote either of those packages, they will grow your network in each of the MLM programs automatically ... and that in turn is going to give you some serious cashflow to invest in your crypto portfolio.

If you have limited funds to get started, this really is your best option.

They each offer a unique a mix of products and services, and they will all pay you very well for helping to spread the word.

Now I realise a lot of people have a problem with MLM (Multi Level Marketing) programs, and I get it.

I don't expect to change anyone's mind, but here's how I see it...


All Ponzi Schemes are MLMs, but not all MLMs are Ponzi Schemes.

If a business' only purpose is to bring in more members/customers... and there's no real product or service being sold... so you only make money by bringing in more members... then yes, it's likely a Ponzi Scheme.

But if the business has a clear and substantial purpose... ie. distributing a legitimate product or service, and paying you a commission on the profits from that distribution... then it's likely a legitimate MLM business.

There are some fine lines sometimes, especially when a new business is looking to build a membership base to finance the development of the product or service, but generally, if the product is something I'd happily pay for anyway, then I'm happy to promote it!  

For better or worse, when you look around the whole Crypto Currency niche, you'll find plenty of scams and schemes, but you'll also find some very legitimate businesses with sound MLM marketing plans.

If you take some time to research those, you will find some very attractive offers.

I've been involved with a couple and looked at dozens more since I started researching this ebook. Most were quickly rejected but I have found some gems that I've included and a couple I'm still testing.

As mentioned, these MLM Programs offer their own mix of Bitcoin Mining, Auto-Trading and Educational resources.. and the MLM business model makes perfect sense.

By pooling the resources of all the Members, these business are able to purchase some serious mining power with profits divided up among everyone, usually quite frequently... sometimes daily or even hourly.

The MLM approach also provides funding for a substantial group trading account, which can then safely supports an autotrader... making thousands

of micro trades every hour on the Bitcoin price movements. Again, profits

are shared among the members.

Another uses specialised software to seek out arbitrage opportunities... tiny differences between prices at different brokers that can be traded automatically, buying low and selling high. Again, making masses of tiny trades... over and over... around the clock.

And the recurring payments are a good fit for our approach... a forced savings plan of sorts, that will take some of your crypto profits and turn them into something considerably more substantial over time.

Anyway, have a look at these, explore the websites and if you think it's a good fit for your business right now... and something you are happy to share with your friends... then please sign up and make sure you update your links!

You can register an account with all of these immediately without making any purchase or payment.

I'd encourage you to do this ASAP to lock-in your position, and then activate each of them in the order they appear here, as soon as you have funds available. This is especially important if you plan on promoting your network using the eBook or Website package.

Coin XL AutoTrading Platform

This is an auto-trader platform with a difference...

It runs on a fixed length cycle of 150 days, earning participants 1% per day on their investment…

So at the end of the cycle you’ll make 150% on your initial stake.

You can then take your profit out and reinvest your seed money again… or reinvest the lot in a larger package.

Register A Free Account on Coin XL

Trade Coin Club

This is a currency trading club where Members trade their own funds… in a mix of crypto-currencies… using the TCC trading software.

It uses a proprietary algorithmic trading software to make thousands of micro-trades every hour, seeking consistent wins on the smallest of price fluctuations.

This one is quite low-cost to get started... and has the potential to get you into profit very quickly... but there is a bit of a learning curve if you haven't done any Forex trading before.

You will need to set up a Forex trading account that supports Metatrader4 to use the software. We cover this in a more detail in the Trading Section but some people might find it best to leave the actual trading part of this until later on.

For now, register your account... no payment required... and grab your affiliate link. Then when you get to the trading section, you can revisit and look at setting this up to autotrade for you.

 Create an Account With Trade Coin Club

[ Create A Free Demo Account With AVATrade ]

Coin Crowd

This is a social & business networking platform for people with an interest in Crypto Currencies. Right now it's free to join and you get yourself 1000 shares in the parent company (UCI, an Equity Investment Company) just for registering.

At this stage you earn credits for anything you do on the site... including 100 for referring new Members...  and those credits can be exchanged for additional shares.

Coin Crowd is brand new and a few of the details are yet to be fully laid out, but there was mention of a 'matrix' style referral program once it's up and running, so I'm including it here, just in case.

It's worth signing on for immediately, regardless of what for the permanent referral program takes... the free sign up makes it easy to promote, the shares are a good incentive... and if it converts to a matrix late on, you'll be well placed to profit from that as well.

Register For Free @ Coin Club

(I'll post updated information as it comes to hand on our Updates Page here!)

Crypto Currency Mining Options

This is one area where we do need to get a little technical. Hopefully you read the notes right back at the start though, and this will make some sort of sense.

If not, go back and have a quick read so that you get full value from this section.

The Bitcoin Mining process was designed so volunteers from the network of users would verify each transaction as it happens.

The system then rewards the 'miners' for their contribution with an amount of newly created Bitcoin.

And the whole process is structured in a way that the rate at which new Bitcoin is released, is controlled and fairly consistent.

If people are mining too fast... ie. using new hardware or pooling resources etc.... the system actually makes it harder to do.

If people then lose interest and give up, the system detects the slow down and makes it a  little easier to process each transaction.

There is some question over what will happen once all 21,000,000 Bitcoin have been mined, but overall it works extremely well.

These days mining Bitcoin is extremely competitive though. Even the pros find it tough going. The serious mining equipment is expensive and sucks a lot of power, so the margins are very slim.

And it's hard to imagine it ever getting any easier. At least not for Bitcoin.

The good news for miners is, this process is duplicated for every other crypto currency out there.

So there's a bit of gold-rush mentality as people keep buying newer, more powerful mining hardware and going after all the other crypto options...

All hoping to beat the odds and strike it rich!

It's surprisingly simple too...

If you can follow a few instruction manuals and not get overwhelmed by all the tech-speak, anyone can go to Amazon and buy pretty powerful mining hardware... install the open source mining software... and get to work.

Some people obviously do make it work, but the margins are slim... and the more powerful your hardware, the greater your costs... so it's really a job best left to the specialists.

Most of the pros do a little better by joining mining pools, but even then, it's a major undertaking with considerable up front costs and ongoing overheads... no real guarantee on your returns.

Advantages of Cloud Mining

 For you an me, the best option is going to be Cloud Mining.

We let someone else own the hardware and run software.

We just purchase a contract to make use of a set amount of the

processing power on their system.

The profits are then divided up among all the users in proportion to the amount of processing power they contributed.

We pay a maintenance fee out of our profits, and depending on the contract we purchased, we can make a nice return.

We also have the option to mine other Cryptos, which are can end up being more profitable than Bticoin!

You can start Cloud Mining with a very small contract purchase... even under $10 on some platforms... but you should be aware that below a certain level, your daily profits may not cover your maintenance fees. (These are deducted daily from your profits).

You do want to be aiming a bit higher than break even though...

While a $10 contract might make you a profit on paper... the returns will be measured in a couple of cents per day... meaning it's hardly worth the effort and going to take years before it amounts to anything useful.

 So How Much Do You Make Cloud Mining?

For a test case, I ran a 0.01BTC (US$30) contract with Genesis Mining for a month. That got me 0.2 TH/s processing power on a Sha256 miner.

It averaged about $0.16 per day. US$4.50 for the month.

At first glance, that looked pretty handy...

As a percentage I was looking at a 15% return for the month...

And an annual rate of 180% return on my investment.

Or is it?

You'll see these kinds of numbers being pushed all over the place, but the thing is, I don't get my initial investment back...

So at the end of the month I'm actually still in the red.

After the 7th month I'm in profit... just

And IF it keeps going as planned for the full year, then I'll be 80% up.

That's an excellent return for a year... obviously,

But that delay while you recover your initial investment is the catch most people miss.

The returns can be quite good, but only IF everything keeps going as planned.

I ran a similar test on Ethereum and Monero and got surprisingly similar results.

Similar tests with larger contracts were definitely better and got me into profit a bit sooner... but my testing was far too random and anecdotal for you to rely on and I don't want anyone running out an investing big on my say-so alone....

Market conditions will have almost certainly changed by the time you read this and your results will vary...

So do your own tests and build on whatever works best for you after that.


So the moral of all that is, you'll do much better to wait until you have a little more to make a start. $50 will work OK to test things out, but generally I'd suggest a minimum purchase of around $200 per contract.

The actual power you get for that will vary depending on the company, the currency being mined and the software/hardware combo required to mine it.

In my experience that's around the level where the returns are going to amount to something useful at the end of the month AND get you into the black in a reasonable period of time.

It USUALLY becomes more profitable as you increase your processing power... but going too big on your initial investment means it will take even longer to reach your breakeven point... which increases your risk.

If things then change for some reason and the mining contract becomes unprofitable...

ie your daily earnings don't cover your daily maintenance fees... the company has the right to cancel your contract altogether.

I personally haven't gone over the $500 mark on a single contract...

Mostly because I'm decidedly risk-averse and I hate the idea of a

contract becoming unprofitable before I recover my initial investment.

I'd rather take a smaller contract, get it into the black, and then add another... that way I only ever have a portion of my investment at any given miner at risk at, any given time.

As my bank grows some more I might test out some larger contracts on a couple of the best performers, but I'm in no hurry.

For now, I'm happy to spread my risk around with a few contracts running on a few different miners... which combined together are generating some very handy profits.

Cloud Mining Companies

There's a lot of competition in Cloud Mining, but a few big names tend to dominate, largely due to their reputation for maintaining good quality equipment, consistent earnings and no-fuss payouts.

I've used a dozen or more by now, and to be honest, all but one of them have delivered consistent profits.

Several of those were quite small returns though and barely worth the effort setting it up.

And a couple seemed to have a few too many hoops to jump through before I could get my money out!

So I've trimmed the list of those I use now to four.

They each offer a slightly different model, and I find it's worth running a few of them simultaneously as individual results can can vary, and the portfolio approach tends to even out the returns.

Just remember, your up-front payment is a purchase, not an investment.

You are buying a contract to use their mining set up for a period of time.

It is non refundable!

A lot of people go into it thinking they're going to get their initial payment back with their profits. Needless to say they end up very disappointed.

You'll see a lot of complaining on some of the forums when they realise they might have to mine for a very long time just to recover their initial outlay.

If the contract becomes unprofitable... ie it no longer covers the daily maintenance fee... then the company cancels it and their investment is lost.

More and more companies are letting you reallocate your hashpower these days though, so I'm always careful to make sure any larger contracts can be reallocated if market conditions or my returns start to change.

Most platforms do let you choose how much processing power (hashrate) you purchase so you can pretty much shop around according to your budget. Just be sure to take your time and choose your initial mining contract carefully.

Go too cheap and your returns won't cover your maintenance fees.

Go too high, and you might never recover your initial outlay.

Get it just right though, and you can generate ongoing hands-free

returns from your mining contract.

It will take a little while to recover your outlay, but after that, it's all profit!

The final point worth mentioning is, while Bitcoin mining is very tough these days, there are hundreds of other currencies out there needing to be mined, and many of those can be more profitable than Bitcoin.

In fact the Minergate software listed below offers a Smart Mining

option where it automatically applies your resources to the currency

that has been most profitable in the last hour.

It's no real surprise that in all the time I've been using the software,

I've never once seen it mine Bitcoin!

Is Bitcoin Mining Even Worth The Effort?

For all the risks, mining can generate some very real profits, when you start to compound those small returns over time... if you're patient and disciplined.

Try to rush it and one failed mining contract will wipe out all your gains... so build up slowly, don't allow yourself more than 2-3 'in-the-red' contracts at any time, and as your profits are paid, let them accrue until you're ready to buy the next contract.

Avoid anything that looks too good to be true...

Any program that offers you big returns in very short time is one to avoid!

In particular there are a lot recently that let you select a desired number of Bitcoin to earn… anything from 0.1 to 2 … or more!

Then the screen makes it look like there's some sort of high-tech mining operation going on for a few minutes, then like magic, they're done and your Bitcoin are ready and waiting...

Thousands of dollars worth mined in a couple of minutes…

All yours... just as soon as you send them their processing fee.

Of course Bitcoin can't be mined in that time-frame... even by Pros with the very best gear... so it's never going to happen on a free website.

And no one in their right mind is going to give you $3000 when they just did the work… especially not for a $70 payment after the fact.

But people fall for it!  

The Scam forums are full of people complaining that they paid the fee and didn't get their promised Bitcoin!


It sounds ridiculous that anyone could be stung like this but the scam websites really are that compelling…  all kinds of live datafeeds, live stats, dozens of testimonials and more.

Plus the psychology is pretty clever.

Even if you're sceptical at the outset, every action you take gets you invested in the process, and by the time it tells you that the coins are there waiting, you desperately want to believe its real... even if your brain is telling you it can't possibly happen.    

I'm guessing you'll see a lot more of these in the future... and they'll get more and more sneaky... so make it a habit to trust your gut anytime something sounds too good!

For Cloud Mining, that means looking for reputable operators that have been around for a while and have a track record of maintaining their gear and operating profitably... and paying out.

When you find one of those, you'll actually be in for a nice surprise...

The returns from mining might be pretty small by Cryptos standard, but when you compare them to the interest rate you might get at the bank these days, they can start to look pretty good!

So if you get into Cloud Mining as a medium-term option... and keep reinvesting your profits, they will add up a whole lot faster than your average bank's savings account.

Obviously the risk is higher, but if you're prepared to manage that, this becomes a very appealing option.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the largest Bitcoin and scrypt cloud mining providers and my preferred option. They offer three Bitcoin cloud mining plans that are very reasonably priced, plus a number of other crypto currencies so you can build a diversified portfolio over time.

Your personal mining resources are pooled regardless of how/when you purchased them, so you can add to your account any time and allocate your mining resources however you want. (Providing they are the right format).

These days I tend to keep about 20% mining Bitcoin, 30% mining Ethereum, and split the remainder between one or two of the others that are showing upside direction signals on the price charts.  (More on that in the trading section later1)

Genesis Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is well worth promoting too. You can have your earnings paid out in Bitcoin or applied directly to your account as increased hashpower. Personally I'm using the hashpower option as a way to grow my mining account hands-free.

It is a tiered program, so your earnings increase as you get more active, plus your referrals get a 3% discount... ie, Click the link below and create an account with the code

HAPD7r ... and you will get 3% off your first mining contract!

Hashing 24

Hashing24 is one of the longest running cloud mining operations, mining Bitcoins since 2012. They have facilities in Iceland and Georgia employing the latest ASIC chips from BitFury deliver the maximum performance and efficiency possible.

They also have one of the lowest entry costs around but you don't want to go too cheap you'll just be mining to pay your maintenance fees. Though on that note, they do appear to have some of the lowest maintenance costs around as well.

One option you might find useful is their demo mining account... if you're hesitant to dive right in, you can request a demo contract for whatever amount you're considering, and let that run for a week or so to so how it performs.

(I've got a demo contract still running from my very first visit and looking at the total now, I reeaallyyy wish I'd just paid up there and then!)

Hashing 24 Affiliate Program

These guys pay a generous 10% on any orders by your referrals. Payments are made in Bitcoin and are paid into your Hashing24 account instantly. You become an affiliate simply by registering as a client... no deposit is required to earn commissions.

Register A Free Account With Hashing 24

HashFlare Mining

They are one of the longest running cloud miners with an excellent reputation. Hashflare  was one of the first Bitcoin miners I tested successfully and I keep a couple of contracts running with them.

Hashflare offers both Scrypt and SHA-256 mining contracts via a mix of packages and they are continually upgrading their offerings, so I find it a useful option to test different options while maintaining a sound mining portfolio.

HashFlare Affiliate Program

HashFlare payout 10% on your referrals, instantly, in Bitcoin. It's a little hard to find info on their affiliate program, but the referrals I've put through have all been paid promptly and as mentioned the service is excellent so it's a no-brainer to recommend.

Register a Free Account On HashFlare Mining

MinerGate Desktop Mining Software

This one is a little different but well worth a look.

It runs on the cloud and on your system as well, in theory generating a little extra bang for your buck. It connects everyone's efforts through it's cloud operation... so it's a simple way to test the waters running your own mining software, with all the benefits of working in a pool.

You should test this one carefully before you get too carried away, just to make sure it's not going to impact your power bill too much.

Personally I have a separate computer running 24/5 to monitor my currency trading anyway, so I now run MinerGate on that computer as well, and it’s quietly working in the background, building up a balance in a number of different currencies. It's not major, but it's hands-free and adding up over time.

The website offers a lot of technical data when you want to check your stats and account balances, so some people may find it a bit complicated... but the actual software couldn't be any simpler... launch it and click 'Start Smart Mining'.

Smart Mining is great feature of MinerGate in that it automatically mines the currency that has been most profitable for the group in the last hour. So you can just start the software and let it decide what's best today.

Minergate Affiliate Program

These guys use a profit sharing model where you get a percentage of the company's fees, based on how active you are. The starting rate is 30% but it can go as high as 75% if you refer more than 30 new customers.

So this isn't as quick as the programs offering a percentage of the users deposit, but the ongoing percentage of fees paid could really add up over time... especially as your referred users get more and more profitable and start buying some larger contracts.

The fact it's a free software download gives it broad appeal and makes it quite easy to promote... test it out on your social media accounts and see for yourself!

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Crypto Currency Trading

This is not for everyone… in fact I'd have to say it's for Advanced Users Only. There is a major learning curve and there are very real risks if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

Heck, there are risks even if you DO know what you're doing!

But it's worth learning!

It is a leveraged option… so even with a relatively small account the rewards can be significant… if you take the time to master it.

In fact, I don’t think there’s a better skill worth mastering if you want to control your financial destiny.

Learn to trade and you can quite literally make money any time you need it.

(The caveat on that is, Crypto-currencies are quite possibly the very worst option you could try to learn on. I'll explain why in a minute... )

Of all the options we’ve discussed for growing your Bitcoin wealth, this is easily the most powerful. Done correctly you can take a relatively small stake and turn it into something very substantial in a short period of time.

Or lose the lot in the blink of an eye.

And it’s all due to leverage.

When you trade currencies… any currencies… you do it with a margin account, usually at a much higher rate than any other type of trading.

Forex brokers commonly offer new traders a margin rate of 100:1 or higher, meaning you can control $10,000 worth of currency with just $100 of your own money, or margin.

Because the Crypto Currencies can be quite volatile and liquidity can be quite low at times, most brokers wind back the margin on Cryptos to about 30:1 to 50:1.

And that’s really a good thing for most people… especially when you’re learning.

If your broker offers you a higher margin rate than that, then they probably don't have your best interests at heart and you might do better to look for a different broker!  

A Quick Lesson In Margin Trading

So as an example, today 1 Bitcoin is worth about US$2700.

Depending who you talk to, the price could hit $4000 in the next few months... or there could be a correction that will see it dip to $1600 or lower before it continues on up.

So if I think it’s headed straight up, I could ‘buy’ 10 Bitcoin using $900 in margin as collateral for the $27000 purchase.

If the price of a Bitcoin does reach $4,000 I can sell it to close out the trade, and I’ll have a tidy profit of $13,000.

But if the price drops to $1,600, I’d be looking at a $11,000 loss instead.

If I had sufficient funds in my account, I could wait it out and wear the ‘paper loss’ until the price came back up…

Assuming it eventually does… and still reach my profit target of $4000 per coin.

But if I didn’t have enough reserves in my account... ie anything less than the 11,000 required to cover it... I'd get a margin call.

Basically the broker would tell me I had to either deposit more funds or close the trade at a loss... immediately.

If I had no money to add, the paper loss would become very real, very fast.

(And even if I did add more funds, there is still no guarantee the price would head back up any time soon... so that's not really an option I'd choose!)

The lesson here though is simply that high margins and high volatility are a very dangerous mix...

Especially if you don’t have the protection of deep reserves.

It can be extremely profitable if you know what you’re doing, but if you get in over your head it can punish you just as fast.

Despite all that, I believe this kind of trading is a valuable skill for everyone to learn quite possibly the best option for many people to achieve long-term financial independence.

Yes there are most certainly risks, but they are manageable… if you get out of the Get-Rich-Quick mindset and treat it as a long-term business strategy.

 Getting Started In Currency Trading

Obviously this short eBook is never intended to be a crash course in Forex trading, but if you’re serious about it, I would like to set you off on the right path if I can…

I’ve been trading FX for quite a few years now and nowadays I manage to make a modest profit most months.

It took quite a bit of time to get to that point though.

I’ve blown up my account numerous times while I was learning and I still make rookie mistakes far more often than I like to admit.

I’ve been a member of a number of trader’s forums and communities and I even worked for a spell with a Pro Trader who used to manage millions for one of the big banks.

I’ve spent a small fortune on different courses and strategies over the years trying to master it... and all I really learned was that...

 1. Most of them were more about marketing than the substance, and

 2. You don't need to spend a small fortune to learn this!  

What I eventually learned was, there is no quick option here if you want to do it right

Get-Rich-Quick packages you’ll find all over the internet are never the Holy Grail they promise to be. Most are simply an incomplete repackaging of one or two basic strategies or technical patterns that informed traders have known about for years…

Expensive Training Courses are mostly just repackaging basic information that could be found in a $20 book… or for free. Instead they put together a flashy sales page, make some big promises, record a few videos and ask for 1000's of dollars…

Autotrading Robots are usually more about marketing than substance as well… there are exceptions we’ll look at shortly… but most are trading those same basic patterns, tweaked to show some impressive results on past data… and most of them will eventually stop working as market conditions continue to evolve.

The thing is, all these ‘shortcuts’ are all based on common technical analysis patterns that are freely available to anyone prepared to do a little work.

And when I look back at the time and money I wasted looking for a shortcut, I really wish someone had told me as much back when I first started.

So when we get to the Action Plan section below, please pay particularly close attention to the recommended training… it is 10x more useful than a $3000 course I once completed, and it will give you all the tools you need to trade virtually any market safely and profitably.

One Final Tip… That Most People Will Ignore…

Don’t Try to Learn to Trade on Crypo-Currencies!

That's probably a strange thing to say in a Crypto Currency book, but in all seriousness, Cryptos are about the worst possible market you can learn to trade on.

 1. They are highly volatile… meaning you can get some huge fluctuations in price in a very short period of time, which means you can make a lot of money very fast, but you can lose it even faster.

 2. They are low liquidity… meaning there aren’t as many people trading them so it can take longer to fill an order. And if the price is moving against you that can cost you dearly.

 3. They are new and unpredictable... with any emerging technology there can be issues and major changes in direction that can seriously impact price without warning. Over extend yourself and one bad headline can blow up your account!

 4. And all those factors combine to make it harder to identify reliable patterns…

which makes it harder to find good trades.

So Cryptos are a challenge to trade well, even for veteran traders.

You will be much better off learning with a relatively stable, high-volume currency like the Euro or Pound.

If you complete the training course below, you’ll find there is clear potential for similar profits with much less risk. Once you learn your way around, you can always come back to Cryptos.

A missed opportunity is always better than loss of capital!

As much as you will want to ‘be there’ for the ‘big moves’ that are being promised in the various crypto-currencies, if you blow up your account learning, you won’t be there if/when they do happen anyway!

That said, you can apply 'trading skills' ... particularly reading the price charts...  to other crypto investment activities and identify some amazing high-probability opportunities, so don't skip that section when we come back to it!

Learning Crypto Currency Trading

I’m realistic enough to know that most people are here because they want to work with Crypto Currencies and they won’t be told otherwise…

So if you’re determined to get started trading crypto-currencies, here’s a simple Action Plan that might help you do it a little more safely and profitably.

One important thing to remember with this kind of trading is, every winner has a corresponding loser…

You only make a profit when you win because someone else has taken the opposite trade to you and lost.

And 98% of retail traders… that’s you and me… lose more than they win.

That’s why the rewards can be so big… because only 2% of traders win consistently!

So your goal should be to find a way to give yourself an edge, in order to position yourself in the 2% for the long-term.

And the only way to truly do that is with time and effort… study, practice, discipline and constant, honest self-assessment.

Step 1. Get Yourself Some Theory

If you’re serious about this, there’s no avoiding it… some solid training is essential.

Trading without a sound plan is just gambling, and you can’t make a real trading plan without some sort of training.

The sad fact is, most of the 98% are just gambling. They might have a strategy or two, but without the knowledge to create a solid trading plan they are going to be improvising any time the market doesn’t perfectly match their system.

So that gives you a real opportunity to find your edge and step into the 2%…

Forex Peace Army Trader’s Course

This is totally free and better than any course I’ve ever paid for. It covers a lot of information in small bite-sized instalments, making it super easy to consume at your own pace.

Some of it even presents as a little simplistic, but don’t let that fool you… if you work your way through it and complete the various exercises when prompted, you will be a better trader than most of the people out there... which will put you firmly in the 2% category.

Step 2. Find Yourself A Mentor To Study

This is actually easier than you’d expect, and it’s called Copy Trading. It’s also something you can start immediately, while you’re working through the training above. It might even help some people meet their need for some ‘action’.

eToro Copy Trading

This is part trading platform, part social network… the emphasis is on trading of course, but you have the ability to watch what other traders do, check their past performance and then automatically copy the trades of anyone you like for a small fee.

This can be a great way to learn if you do it right. That means starting with a small account, (or even a demo account!) … watch what your mentor does, make notes, ask questions, and really look to understand the context and signals behind each trade.

Also pay close attention to the stop loss levels and profit targets used. Getting in is only half the story... the profitable traders spend just as much time working out when they need to get out.. whether it's for a profit or a loss.

You should also understand that all traders expect to have losing trades.

So note their success rate, and get a feel for the process of minimizing losses and maximizing wins, but don’t for a minute think that any copied trade is a sure thing. This is a game of percentages: knowing your expected win rate and managing your losses.

Always remember that past results offer no assurance of future performance. No matter how good a trader’s statistics might be, that is no guarantee that their run will continue.

eToro Copy Trading

Step 3. Step Up To A Pro Trading Platform

eToro is a good learning platform, but at some point you’ll want to upgrade to a standalone platform which will give you better charting tools, more control over your account, and depending on the broker you choose, much better trading terms.

For most people, that means switching to MetaTrader 4, which is one of the most popular standalone trading platforms. Most brokers support it, so to get started you simply create an account with a broker and download their version of MetaTrader 4, which will be preconfigured to use their servers.

Most brokers offer a free demo account, so you can set this up any time and start practising as you work your way through the eCourse above....

Get A Free Demo Account On AVA Trade

Once you have a feel for the Metatrader platform, if you have some funds to spare, you can put it to work with an AutoTrader.

The option below has been quite reliable for me... SO FAR. You might like to give it a try with a small account and see how it goes. If you don't have available funds... or you're not confident... by all means run it on a Demo Account for a while first!

BTC Robot Auto-Trader

Usually I have very little time for Autotrading Robots. Most make more profits from bot sales than they’ll ever make trading.

They’re built to optimize returns based on historical results, and if they work at all, they usually have a very short life-expectancy.

Because they are built in reverse to match historical data most simply cannot adjust to changing market conditions.

That said, there are some that are based on sound technical patterns combined with smart money management, and that are updated regularly...

So they can have a reasonable expectation of continuing to work into the future.

These robots can be worth running as long as you always treat them with some caution (suspicion!) and expect them to stop working, eventually!

BTC Robot Trader is one such robot that is working quite well for me at present.

Even so, I never trust it with too big a portion of my account, I monitor it’s activity closely… and I'm always ready to intervene if necessary.

It is a subscription-based software, but that’s actually a good thing!

If they want you to keep on paying to use their Robot, they have to do the work to keep it updated and producing profits!

So far they are doing that quite well

Check Out BTC Robot Here

It runs on the MetaTrader4 platform, so if you decide to give it a run, you’ll need to set up an account with a broker first…

Step 4. Set Up A Trading Account with a Forex Broker

If you haven't already done so, it's time to get serious with a  proper trading & charting platform... we use Metatrader4... which requires an account with a Forex Broker.

This can appear a little daunting as there’s a huge number of brokers out there and when you dig around a bit you'll soon see that many of them have pretty poor reputations.

There’s also a host of broker review sites to help you sort through them... though most of those are just a front to push their own preference… so the website owner gets paid a commission for your business.

That’s quite standard though, and in the interests of full disclosure, if you sign for either of the options below, I’ll be paid a commission on your first deposit...

Almost every broker offers some generous referral commissions like this... because they want the business and they know the lifetime value of a new trader... so don't take that as a negative. It's just the way the industry has evolved.

Traders are a suspicious lot though, so if a broker does anything at all questionable, you'll immediately see a whole lot of complaining in the Forex forums... and a quick search of any broker will turn up any misdeeds in the past.

You can also choose to check out some reviews… Forex Peace Army maintains a long list of questionable brokers and outright scams… but I’m confident you’ll find the options below both come highly rated. I've been using them for quite sometime and I'm very happy with the service, support and terms...

AVA Trade

This platform checks all the right boxes when looking for a broker… it is a regulated broker, well established, and it's been operating in over 150 countries for the last 10 years.

They offer very competitive spreads, fantastic support and training and a variety of trading platforms, including a web-based option for any time you’re away from your desktop.

What I like the most about this platform is their regular technical analysis which often identifies opportunities in currency pairs I don’t usually follow. Also the Autochartist software that’s included in the package.

They also offer trading on the 5 main crypto-currencies at very competitive rates and margins. While most brokers are offering Bitcoin these days, very few have the others, and personally I often to find more opportunities on those.

So even if you prefer to shop around, I encourage you to look AVA Trade over, and use what you discover as your benchmark of everything a good broker should offer…

Create A Free Demo Account On AVA Trade

Plus 500

This is worth a quick mention as well before we move on. If you struggle with the technical side of things, then you might find MetaTrader to be a pretty steep learning curve at first. It is a curve you definitely want to master, but if you prefer doing it in small steps, you might find it useful to use Plus500 for a while first…

I first signed up with Plus500 when I was looking for a Trading App for my tablet when I was out of the office. While MetaTrader ‘works’ on my devices for essential chores, I was never totally happy with it when I was using my tablet, and got caught out a few times when I had trades running and was out on the road and couldn’t easily access the option I wanted.

I looked at a few apps but decided to try Plus500, primarily because it also accepted PayPal deposits, but I was soon pleasantly surprised.

It is very easy to master. It doesn’t have all the technical analysis tools of Metatrader, but if you want a simple interface to place and monitor trades, this is it. They also have a very good archive of training resources which makes it a very good staging point for the less technically inclined to make a start trading currencies.

Register An Account On Plus 500

Step 5. Ongoing /Long-term Trading Strategies

On the surface crypto currency trading should be quite simple since the premise is that they are going to go up in the long term...

Buy dips and hold, then sell the highs and wait for a dip to get back in.

You can do this on any time-frame... whether you are in and out once a month or 10 times a day... the strategy stays the same.  

Whatever time-frame you trade on though, your actual trading plan is the key though.

Your trading plan should specify the set ups you choose to buy

How you will pick your entry points

How you will set logical profit targets

The point at which you accept you were wrong and get out of the trade.

How much you will risk on any single trade.

And from that, what lot size to trade.

If this doesn't make a lot of sense to you, you need to get back to the Forex Peace Army website and complete their trading course!

If you've done that and it still doesn't make a lot of sense, you can follow along with the daily videos on the site for a couple of months to see it all in action. (I'd actually recommend that regardless!)

To trade safely you do need to start with a substantial bank and only ever risk a small amount (1-2%) on any single trade.

And that is incredibly hard to stick to if you start small… so much so, the biggest mistake newbies make is trying to make up bank too fast.

They might start with $100 bank, but then risk $10-$20 on each trade... so 5 losses in a row will clean them out.

Most would do far better to wait until they had $1000 to start with, then they could make the same sized trades with much less risk...

And they could survive a losing streak of 50 trades before they blew up their account!

You might get away with trading larger lots for a while, but eventually it will always catch up with you and you will blow up your account.

I've even seen veteran traders fall into this trap... after a particularly good run, their money management goes out the door as they start to think they're invincible... and before they know it... they're back where they started... or worse!  

Managing Your Profits & Your Account

If you're going to trade long-term you do want the safety of substantial account.

So you really don't want to plan on taking funds out until you've got it. I think it's important to reward yourself along the way though, so maybe set yourself some targets to look forward to.

Depending on how much you start with, maybe promise yourself a payout of 10% of your gains after 3 months. Then again at 6 and 12 months. You can spend that on yourself, or put it into other investment options... so long as you are getting in the habit of taking some of your profits.

If you're doing well and have the balance, you can then start to look for some buy and hold opportunities...

Identify strong dips on any of the Cryptos and buy a small amount to

simply hold onto.

Be very aware of your risk and lock-in a break even trade as quickly

as possible.

Then just forget about it!

If you're doing really well, you can even skip the margin-buying and just buy the currency outright and shift it to your hardware wallet. Mix up your currencies and quietly build up some reserves.

You won't be able to trade a lot of the newer Cryptos, so taking out some of your trading profits and buying them outright is the fastest way to build a stake.

Step 6. Applying Trading Skills To Investing

As you get more comfortable with your trading charts, you'll come to see various patterns in the price action that will provide clues about where the price might go next. This is invaluable for all your investment activities.

If you notice one Crypto is ready to resume some upward action, you might move more of your portfolio into that currency.

If you suspect another is about to go through a major price correction... ie a major drop in price... then you'd be wise to move some funds into something else.

When that seems to have found a bottom, it's a really good time to start mining it and maybe even buy a few to hold.

Cryptos are incredibly volatile, so major moves are quite normal, but as you get into it, you'll find that they still follow all the same patterns traders have been using on every other instrument for years...

You do need to give the Crypto markets a little more room to move so the noise doesn't stop you out.. so that requires a substantial account and good money management... but if you can do that, you will find them a lot of fun and very profitable to trade.

Why You Absolutely Need To Learn Some Of This...

Even if you don't take up currency trading as such, it is in your best interests to learn to read price charts.

If you can learn even a few of the fundamental price action patterns, you'll be able to see trends emerging, you'll get a feel for when a market is about to change direction, when it's overbought and oversold... and where it might be headed next.

It's not an exact science by any means, but the better you understand the LIKELIHOOD of these things eventuating, the better you'll be able to manage your portfolio.

And if it lets you spot a dip or a top, and act accordingly, it will be worth it!  

Investing In New Crypto Currencies

You can also apply these skills to find clues for when to get into a new Currency!

Price Action is a wonderful thing once you 'get it'.

A price chart is simply a graphical representation of what people are thinking about a given instrument over a period of time.

And how they react to those thoughts.

So with the newer Cryptos, what you'll usually see is a very slow increase in price over time. This is simply the early adopters coming on board.

Many Cryptos will never go beyond this, but some will resonate with their intended audience and start to pick up pace...

More and more people will start to think it could be a winner, and they'll decide to grab themselves a piece of the action... just in case.

The more they do this, the faster the price climbs … and the price line on the chart gradually moves from almost flat to more and more vertical...

And the more noticeable this becomes, the more people pile on...

And so it goes.

The problem is, by the majority of 'impulse traders' usually arrive far too late.

We call it trying to board a moving train...  

The late-comers are so desperate for a piece of the action they try to get on board a train that's already left the station.

By then the people who got in early have got themselves a nice profit, so they start selling some of their positions to lock it in.

That cause the price to drop, which triggers the 'stops' of those who got in most recently... and that makes the price drop even faster!

More people who got in late start to panic and sell.

Some might hold on for a while, but as the downward move continues, most will close out their trades or a loss... adding even more to the downward momentum.

So to the rookie trader, it starts to look like this new Crypto is a wash after all.

They're the ones who'll tell you their war stories about how they got wiped out when it tanked for no apparent reason and why you should stay away...

Meanwhile the smart traders who took a profit earlier are still watching... thinking it might be a good time to get back in!

The thing so many people miss when they trade currency:

For every move in one direction there MUST BE A RETRACEMENT

in the opposite direction, because the people who picked the move correctly are ALWAYS going to  take some profit!

The good news is: after they take their profit, you have a perfect entry point to get in for the next move up.... even if you missed the initial move.

If you want to buy the newer Cryptos, this is how I'd suggest you pick your entry points.

Don't try to buy a bit of everything... just in case it takes off.

And definitely don't try to catch a move that's already started.

Instead just watch for the move...

Wait for the retrace...

Then get on board

And get ready for the ride to continue!

This is known by a few names... if you search for the phrase 'Last Kiss trade' you should find a few more detailed explanations, especially on YouTube, but don't over complicate it.

Watch for the initial move, wait for the retrace, then get on board and wait.

Lock in break even as soon as it starts then settle in for the ride!

What You Need To Get Started

The very first thing you are going to need is a Wallet to hold your Altcoins. If you already have a wallet you can skip ahead to the next section. For the Crypto novices, please keep reading and we'll run through a few of your options.

You do have quite a few choices but to keep it simple and safe, I'd recommend the following approach...

Web Based Wallets

Technically these are the least secure option and there have been plenty of issues in the past, but for convenience you should maintain one or more web based wallets.

Any web-based wallet is going to be somewhat vulnerable to hackers

The company could go bankrupt or simply disappear with your coins

You can forget your details and simply be unable to access your coins

For all that, the convenience factor makes it a risk I'm happy to manage for a small amount of Altcoin... enough for day-to-day use.

Think of it as you would the physical cash you might carry around every day with you for incidental purchases...

There is a risk there that you could get mugged or lose your wallet, but you weigh up that risk versus the convenience and choose an appropriate amount to carry with you..

Desktop or Mobile Wallets

These are wallets give you better security and much more control over your private keys, so you remove the risk of the provider disappearing with your Altcoin.

There are still risks... any device connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacking... and even a disconnected device can be physically accessed if you lose your phone or an attacker breaks into your home.

Again you need to assess those risks and adjust the amount of bitcoin you store in any wallet accordingly. As a comparison, this might be the digital equivalent of the cash you keep in your ATM account for daily use.

Hardware Wallets

This should be your main storage option for any Altcoin you're not actively using... especially as you start to accumulate larger sums.

It is known as a cold storage device because it is disconnected from the internet.

So it keeps everything secure & backed up, safe from hacking, theft, break-ins, forgotten passwords or keys, physical assault... as close to totally secure and safe as you can get.

There are a few trusted brands in this area and all of them will connect to your web-based wallets and desktop software as required. So with a little planning and practice, anyone can create a system to manage their Altcoin with maximum convenience with minimal risk.

Where To Start?

To get started now, I'd suggest you set up a Web Based Wallet with one of the following providers and use that to get familiar with the processes of buying and using Bitcoins.

After we get started on the wealth creation strategies, you can come back and choose a suitable Desktop or Mobile Wallet that meets your needs.

Then as the strategies below start to deliver some results, you can sort out a Hardware Wallet. Then you can keep your spending & investing funds in your web and desktop wallets and start moving your savings into the more secure options.

A Quick Word On Interest...

The main advantage of a digital currency is that you retain total control of your funds. So this usually precludes any arrangement where a 'bank' would pay you interest for the use of your money.

That said, there are several wallets that now pay what they call 'interest' but there are subtle differences. In reality they are paying you a commission if you allow them to use your funds to offset their own margin requirements for their users... and pay you a small premium, usually between 2% and 5%.

And margin lending always carries high risk... so much so that for me, the reward on offer is simply not enough to justify the risk!  

So while some of these options might look tempting... especially in a world of 0% interest from the traditional banking system... I personally think you'll do much better to retain control of your own funds and  'invest' in the programs we've outlined in this guide.

All that said, new options are emerging all the time, so I'm open to anything at this stage... just as long as I'm rewarded adequately for giving the third party even partial control of my Altcoin.

Recommended Web Based Wallets

StrongCoin  is what's known as a Hybrid Wallet, because your private keys are encrypted in your browser before they are sent to the wallet... this means the company never has access to your keys... or your Altcoin. It also offers another layer of security from hackers.

One feature I really like about Strongcoin is the option to download your entire account as a single PDF file for simple hard copy backups!

Blockchain is one of the originals provided by a company that's proved to be reliable, secure and trustworthy for many years now. Blockchain is simple to use and works seamlessly on desktop or mobile devices.

Recommeded Desktop & Mobile Wallets

Electrum is a robust desktop wallet with substantial security features to protect your coin, and make spending it simple and safe. It has both desktop and mobile clients, and supports/connects with all the major hardware wallets. This is a great option for anyone just getting started who doesn't need too much in the way of management tools yet.

Exodus is a complete platform to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets. You can create a portfolio of different currencies, exchange any one for another, and of course, use it as a wallet to use your coin.

It doesn't currently have a mobile option, but if you're serious about accumulating digital wealth, this is a platform you ought to explore. You can always use a web-based or app wallet for your mobile purchases.

Recommended Hardware Wallets

Bitcoin Trezor is the clear leader in this market. It isn't cheap, but when you get to the point where you want to secure a more substantial amount of Altcoin it will be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The Trezor is a USB device, so you can connect it to your Desktop Wallet only when necessary... when the computer is offline.

If you must use it when connected, it has multiple additional security measures built-in  to protect you if your computer is compromised.

It even has measures in place in the event you are physically attacked to coerce your access details from you. Obviously that would be a very unlikely event, but it lets you know how seriously and thoroughly they take security.

View The Trezor Website

Buying Your First Bitcoin

The next step is to get some Bitcoin into your wallet.

If you're new to all this, I'd recommend you just dive right in... if you try to understand how it all works first, you'll still be researching your options in twelve months time.


For now, nothing is set in concrete, so you can always come back later and try a different option to see if that works better for you.

The specifics vary from platform to platform, but to purchase Bitcoin you basically have to connect with someone who has them to sell, whether it's an individual or a business. The important thing to remember is that the fees are usually predicated by the speed on the transaction and the risk to the seller.

Person to person sales through a platform like LocalCoins are usually cheaper than buying from an exchange, but you'll either have to make a cash deposit into the sellers account, wait for your payment to be approved before the validation process even begins.

Most exchanges offer quire reasonable rates for credit card purchases, so that's my preferred option for small amounts. If you ever need to make a larger purchase, it would be worth looking for a direct sale option to avoid the fees.

If you wish to use PayPal you will pay considerably more in fees because there is a real risk for the seller that you could perform a chargeback and the seller has no recourse.

Also be aware PayPal does not like Bitcoin at all... it's direct competition after all...  and may even put limitations on your account if you use it for Bitcoin purchases.

 I haven't fully researched that one myself, but there's a lot of anecdotal evidence doing the rounds...

Even without PayPal there are a LOT of options here as well, and more than a few of those are questionable operators and outright scams, so always be careful and don't go blindly chasing bargains....

Look for established brands with good reviews and loads of current activity from long time customers!

Your buying options will also vary depending on where you live, though most are starting to remove those restrictions and cater to in international audience. The following sites all have very good reputations and competitive fee structures, so you can use these as a starting point for your own research.

For simplicity and quick turn around I like LakeBTC or Coinbase for small purchases by credit/debit card.

For larger amounts you might find LocalCoins gets you a better rate, but it will take a little more effort to transfer or deposit funds directly into the sellers bank account... and a little longer while they wait to confirm the payment.

LakeBTC. One of the oldest and most reliable Bitcoin exchanges LakeBTC has good liquidity, competitive fees and a great reputation.

The exchange is based in China but has a strong global presence with lots of fiat trading pairs and bank deposit options for each country including SEPA transfers for Europe.

LocalCoins. Buy coins from local individuals anywhere in the world using cash, bank transfers, wire transfers, credit cards etc.

Funds are held in escrow until the transfer is confirmed, and all vendors have a rating and transaction count, so it's a secure and reliable way to buy from individuals, often at a much more competitive rate.

CoinMama. This is the fastest option for buying Bitcoin without excessive fees in my experience. CoinMama uses Western Union for cash purchases, as well as the standard Credit/Debit card payment options. It quite a simple & fast, but currently not available in the US.

I personally had a bit  of trouble with their Identity Verification process, but once that was complete it's been very good... fast, simple and no fuss.

Coinbase. This one was US Only but now appears to have dropped that restriction, at least for some countries.  Nowadays I use this for any coin purchases... fast, secure and plenty of easy options.

They're also one of the biggest players in the market now so they offer very competitive rates.

Managing Your Bitcoin

Managing your Bitcoin is all about security and safety. Security against theft by others, safety against loss by you. Most people take steps for the former but many don’t realise just how real the risks are on the second issue until it happens to them.

Basically, if you lose the keys to many Bitcoin Wallets, no one can help you.

This is especially true with the various web-based wallets. They are deliberately designed so you and you alone have access... and because any sort of reset function is seen as a potential security or privacy breach... that option is simply not there.

Fortunately a lot of wallets now use a special 12-word seed phrase to generate your key. On some wallets this seed phrase can be used to reset/recover your keys if required.

If you are offered this option, make sure you use it, and make sure you record your seed phrase somewhere safe.

If you don't have this option, make doubly sure you've got your details backed up and printed out.

 Multiple Wallets

Most Wallet providers will let you set up multiple wallets on a single account, and many other crypto-services will automatically set you up with a new wallet… or even multiple wallets… for managing your funds on their platform.

I’d actually struggle to tell you how many wallets are set up in my name… I’d guess at well over 100… but fortunately most of those aren’t funded.

I can however tell you exactly how many of them have been funded... after a few cycles of buying Bitcoin, forgetting where I'd left them and then having to check multiple accounts to find them... I now keep a SafeNote in Robo Form where I list all my active wallets and their balances

One thing I would suggest in this area is that you NEVER leave funds in an exchange wallet.

These are the least secure of the lot and the vast majority of security breaches... and bankruptcies... that you might have heard about have been connected to exchanges.

Once you've bought your Altcoin, move small amounts to your web based wallet and larger amounts you don't need immediately to a desktop wallet.

 Backing Up Your Account Information

Many wallets like StrongCoin make it easy to download a PDF of all your account information. You can then print that out for offline storage.

Where this option isn’t provided, to do it manually and I keep a current hardcopy printout (under lock and key) for all my main accounts.

I also keep a single file record of all my accounts as a password protected SafeNote in Roboform.

Anytime I create a new wallet or account, I add the details immediately. This is stored on my computer, synched to my laptop, tablet and phone, and backed up on the RoboForm server as well.

You’ll also find a lot of the ‘Desktop’ wallets can be configured to produce hardcopy printable backups and some even maintain their own off-site backups. I use a couple of options I’ll cover in more detail below.

I’ve also started using a web-based service Crypt-Folio to manage and track all my crypto activities. It uses read-only APIs to monitor your different accounts… all your different wallets addresses, exchanges, miners, investments etc… so you can see at a glance exactly where your funds are stored.

For security reasons it does not store passwords and cannot access the actual accounts,but it can check all your balances so that is quite useful.

However you go about it, you should have a systematic approach to recording and securing your account information, both online and off.  It might not seem important as you get started, but it can soon get out of control if you don’t have a system in place.

At the very least you should maintain three copies of your account information…

An easily accessible text file that you can copy-and-paste the complicated passwords and keys from. It should be password protected, so someone accessing your computer doesn’t have easy access to your altcoin.

A remote backup of that file. Again I use RoboForm, but you can set up other tools to synch the file to another device or secure storage space. A secure Dropbox folder is an easy option.

A hardcopy of your that file… preferably under lock and key or at least well hidden… but accessible enough that you remember to keep it up to date! I actually have a reminder pop-up each week to print the latest version and shred the old...

Spending Your Altcoin

At this stage our goal is to be accumulating some serious Altcoin, so most spending will be on the various coin-generation programs below.  That said, one factor that's sure to keep the price increasing is increased general use...

ie the more people use Bitcoin, the greater demand will be and the higher the price will go!  

So don't be shy on spending some of your Altcoin on your day-to-day expenses any time you have a surplus.

The easiest way to do that is with a Debit or ATM card. These can be a debit card linked to a wallet, or a prepaid debit card you purchase with your Altcoin.

Either one will give you the option to convert your Altcoin to cash at an ATM, or to spend your Altcoin at virtually any business on the planet…

Recommended Crypto ATM and/or Debit Cards

Wirex is my go-to debit card option. It is a pre-paid debit card but also a complete online banking solution... without all the fees. You will need to verify your identify to fully unlock the card for unlimited deposits and withdrawals. There is a fee for a new card, but you can use this link to get 25% off!

CryptoPay.Me is another prepaid card option with very competitive rates for loading the card and making withdrawals. Verification is required for unlimited use, but you can do quite a lot with it without that. They also have a number of options for accepting crypto payments, which is the main thing I use this one for.

CoinsBank. This one is a little different. With most of these debit cards you need to spend your Bitcoin in advance, to purchase a pre-paid balance in fiat.

Coinsbank however will convert exactly the right amount of Bitcoin into fiat for each purchase, as you spend it. So you to keep your money in BTC until the very moment when you spend it in any store, or exchange it to withdraw fiat at any ATM.

This could be a handy option for anyone not planning to spend much or often, but wanting easy access to their Altcoin funds when they do need it

Developing Your Own Action Plan

We've included an Action Plan in this package based on you having a reasonable amount to invest in this to get things started...

Realistically everyone will need to operate a little differently... based on your own situation, the funds and time you have available, where you want to get to and how quickly you want to get there.

So please check out our Action Plan below and work through the initial set up steps, but then spend a little time moulding the investment processes it to your own situation. You can print out the standalone version and make some notes as you go.

Here's a quick run through of the basic steps to get you started... hopefully you've already completed some of these are are already on your way.  If not... get to it!

Step 1. Get Set Up, Ready For Business...

1. Install RoboForm!

2. Set Up A  Wallet





Bitcoin Trezor

3. Purchase Your First Bitcoin





4. Establish A Backup System

An easily accessible text file

A remote backup of that file

A hardcopy of your that file

5. Order A Debit Card




Step 2. Need Funds? Set Up Affiliate Marketing

If you only purchased the Personal Use version Crypto Wealth Strategies eBook, consider upgrading here so you can sell the eBook for immediate profits and promote your affiliate links automatically!

If you purchased the Crypto Wealth Strategies PLR Package, get that set up ASAP to start selling the ebook and promoting all your affiliate links automatically!

If you purchased the Personal Use version of the Instant Crypto Affiliate Website package, set that up to promote your affiliate links and sell this eBook! Or consider upgrading here so you can also sell the Website Package for immediate profits.

If you already purchased the Instant Crypto Affiliate Website PLR Package, make sure you get that set that up immediately to sell & distribute everything automatically!

However you get started, you should refer to the Affiliate Programs Guide in your download package and register for each of those programs immediately.

Some do take a little while to be manually approved, so the sooner you start the better.

There are a lot... and it does get a bit tedious... but it's a one-off job that will pay off for many years to come... so take your time and get it right.

Many will need you to choose a UserName that can't be changed later, so you should have something unique in mind that connects well with your brand.

You should also save all your login details and the urls for checking statistics.

Again I recommend RoboForm for keep track of all this.

Several will pay you by Bitcoin if you have a Wallet ID, so make sure you set up a StrongCoin account first.

I also created a separate wallet within StrongCoin just for each group of programs, so I can track what's coming in see at a glance how things are performing.

Step 3. Register With The MLM Programs

You should register with these immediately, even if you don't have the money available to fund them just yet. This will secure a position for you in the network... for a while... and get you your referral link.

That way you can get your links set up and start promoting.. .though you will need to fund your membership to get the benefit of any referrals.

If you are serious about promoting this... using either the eBook, the Website package or both... these are going to be the fastest option to generate some serious cash flow. So you should get these active as soon as you can.

CoinCrowd is free and the other two are quite affordable, so  don't put this off, especially once you start promoting this package...

Trade Coin Club

Coin XL AutoTrader

Coin Crowd

Step 4. Set Up Some Currency Mining

While you can start on this with a very small investment, there really is little value starting with much less than $50-$100 on a single contract.

If you are keep to see it in action though, maybe download the  MinerGate software and drop $30 into that just to get the ball rolling.

Long term, though you should be aiming to buy one or two contracts each month, $100-$200 each, spreading your investments across each of the cloud miners below...

Genesis Mining

Hashing 24

HashFlare Mining

MinerGate Desktop Software

Step 5. Set Up Some Trading Options

Your very first step should be to start some serious training... the Forex Peace Army course is ideal for that. It's comprehensive and high quality, but very easy to digest.

Forex Peace Army Trader’s Course

Once you've made a start on your training, you can try some of the safer trading options to get started... demo accounts only until you complete the course!

Try Some Copy Trading On eToro

Start with a Demo account and fund it once you're confident and have found a trader or two to follow. Remember to learn from their trades and don't just copy blindly... try to understand why they do what they do!

Start the Trade Coin Club Robot Trader

You should have set up and activated your account already, so now it's time to download the autotrader bot and go to work. Again, test it out with a Demo account then fund it once you're confident.

Need Metatrader 4 Account? Create A Free Demo Account With AVATrade Here

As you get more experienced and confident, you can start looking for opportunities to use your margin account buy crypto pairs to hold onto.

Your goal is to use your chart skills to buy the dips and sell the highs... especially on the newer currencies that might be starting to find some widespread support.

Think 'Long Term' and time your trades according to the chart time-frame. Find patterns and trends on the weekly charts and then use the daily or 4-hour charts to find your entry points.

Always trade with a stop loss and a logical profit target... and stick to it. Trade appropriate lot sizes and keep plenty of free margin to allow for any major fluctuations.

This is the hardest option to learn well, and cryptos are difficult to trade even for the pros, so make sure you study hard first, then start very small and build up slowly.

The risks are very real, so the longer you trade a demo account, the better.

Step 6. Start Buying Cryptos To Hold

As your holdings continue to grow, you should get in the habit of moving a part of your holdings into your Hardware Wallet each month.

Consider this your safe deposit box. It might not be earning you anything, but that's OK.

If you've followed this system you'll have literally dozen of other investments set up by now, all making you money around the clock. So it makes a lot of sense to put a portion of those profits away each month, safe and secure from any mishap or threat.

You might be tempted to move them out again if prices start to fall, but if you've chosen wisely and bought smart,  the majority of your holdings should appreciate in value over the long term.

So trust your decisions and leave them there!

Likewise, if something is performing particularly well... it's human nature to want to take some of these funds from your safe storage and add to that position.

Sometimes it might work, but there will be a lot of times it doesn't.

Usually the move will be almost over by the time you notice it, so all you are really doing is increasing your exposure to the inevitable correction!

So when that comes, increase of just giving back some of your gain gains, you actually lose part of your capital.

The right course of action in these situations is usually going to be to take some of the profit out and reduce your exposure while the going is still good.  

So if something is going really well, make it your first option to at least consider moving some of the profits from that TO your safe storage!

Always remember... high returns are a sure sign of high risk.

So the better the return you're getting, the more likely it is to end... dramatically.

It's critically important that you manage your risk by diversifying across multiple instruments and currencies... and keep moving portions of your profits to ever safer locations.

You'll soon see which of these programs are the biggest earners... and it will be very  exciting... but any time you catch yourself day-dreaming about how high it might go, be sure to also ask yourself, how much would you lose if it all tanked right now?

If the answer makes you flinch, it might be a sign that it's time to reshuffle your portfolio!

You should aim to keep the largest amounts possible in the most secure wallets, and the bare minimum in any high-risk wallets.

Long Term Portfolio Management

As your portfolio starts to grow, you're eventually going to reach a point where you need to make some decisions and you'll probably do best to seek some professional advice. You should shop around on that though, and make sure your advisor is at least somewhat up to speed on Cryptos.

Securing Your Investments: the brand new nature of Cryptos is what offers so much upside potential, but it also makes this is a high risk area to be investing in. We really have no idea what might happen next week, that could change everything.

If you have all your savings tied up in Cryptos you are vulnerable. Even if they are safely tucked away in a hardware wallet, we can't ever know for sure that some new technology won't emerge that disrupts everything and crashes the price permanently.

So make sure you move a portion of your Crypto profits into more traditional investments,

Tax Obligations: while Cryptos are relatively private for now, there's no guarantee that won't change somehow in the future. Every transaction is recorded in the blockchain after all... the info is there, it's just not currently connected to people by name.

Right now governments can't monitor your crypto earnings, so a lot of people will no doubt use that as an option to no pay tax. Others might choose to declare part or all of their income. You'll need to decide how much to declare for yourself.

My gut feeling is, at some point a government somewhere will come up with a solution and the rest will jump on it. Whether that's even possible or not, I don't know. But I do know if you are spending beyond your means, one way or another you are going to get some attention.

Personally I'd rather do the right thing and contribute to the society in which I live, but to keep it simple, I just declare the income when I move it to a traditional bank account.

Business Records: on a similar vein, you should be keeping appropriate records as you would any other investment program. What you do with them is up to you, but if you ever find you really do need the information, they will be priceless.

Other than that, my best advice is to enjoy the process!

If you are using either of the PLR package to promote your Affiliate Links, try to connect with your customers and offer to assist them in putting the packages to work.

Join a few forums and see what other people are doing in this field. Put in some time to get to know and understand the industry... it will help you make better investing decisions.

Don't be afraid to drop an option if it starts to slow down, and be ready to replace it with a test of something brand new. Avoid the hype and the scams though... remain sceptical of everything until you have proof that it's legit.

And make sure you enjoy some of the profits along the way... that's why we're here!

Appendix 1. No Cost / Low Cost Starting Strategies

When I started this, my plan was to create a program where someone could actually start with Zero Upfront Investment. I actually ran some tests and proved it could be done… using free tools to build a small stake, moving that into some better programs to get it to a level where you could invest in the more aggressive growth options.

It works, but it is sloooooowwwwwww!

And the work involved is time consuming. And much of it is mind-numbing!

But it is an option if you really don’t have anything to spare right now. You'll find these options at the end of this section, but I really can't recommend them!

If at all possible, see if you can round up $27 to buy the PLR license for this ebooks and start selling that instead!

Make one direct sales through your social media accounts and use that to set up the mini website... $10 for a domain and some web hosting and you can be up and running in a day,

 And every sale after that is all profit that you can put to work elsewhere!

Even the low-cost options are a bit hard to justify. I’ve looked at quite a few of these in the past, but there’s really not a lot I could recommend.

Most of them were simply too good to be true. Slick but vague websites promising ridiculous compounding interest rates, with nothing substantial to convince me I’d ever see my money again.

There were a couple that I consider worth further investigation and testing, and I’ll post additional information on the website if they stand up to scrutiny. For all the looking though, there were only two options I’d recommend at this time…

If you’ve got a small amount of Bitcoin to invest and aren’t in a hurry to see a return.

As always, you should do your own research and assess the suitability of the options below to your situation, risk profile and expectations.

And always remember you have the very viable option of simply waiting and saving up some additional cash first!

If you’ve been working the free Satoshi systems though and you find yourself with a bit of a bank you’d like to put to work, here are three possibilities that might work for you…

BitLake Fixed Return Mining

This one could probably go under the low cost  Mining options below, except it promises a fixed rate return … 10% per day... which puts it well ahead of the straight up miners... providing it continues to pay out.

I've been running it for a while now with a small investment, and it's doing exactly as promised. I made a withdrawal early on and it went through promptly too, so it is easily the stand out recommendation for a low-cost options to get you started

Your mining contract is 'for life', so a small investment will cover your outlay in 10 days, and be all profits after that, for as long as it continues to work.

This is a very high return, so you have to consider it to be high risk...

You can start with as little as 0.001 Btc though, and withdraw when your profits reach 0.0005 … ie after 5 days... so if you only have a small amount to get you started, this could be a useful option to built that up a bit for some of the more substantial options.

They also have a 2-tier affiliate program, so make a start, withdraw some profit after a week or so to reassure yourself it's legit... and then make sure you tell your social media connections all about it!

Register A Free BitLake Account


This one also looked a little 'too good to be true'  when I first saw it, but I decided to give it a run anyway. I made a small deposit... about $20… and then totally forgot about it.

I recently logged in to check it and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had been ticking over as promised.  I'd covered my investment in 40 days as expected and was starting to accrue profits on my account. Not as good as BitLake above, but a good option to spread my risk around.

We are talking quite small amounts... and your initial deposits are not refundable...  but the payout of 0.2% per hour really does add up. I put a withdrawal request through just to reassure myself, and that went through promptly as well, so I'll be testing it shortly with a more substantial deposit!

Just like mining though... it will take a while to cover your initial investment, so review it carefully and make sure you are confident to let it run long-term.

Register a Free iCoinCash Account

Bit Island Investments

This is a combo mining and currency trading investment program that definitely delivers as promised... and pays out on two levels for your referrals. If you don't have a lot of funds to get started, consider giving this one a push on all your social media sites and reinvesting your earnings into a couple of investment packages!

Register @ Bit Island

BitBond Investing & Lending Platform

BitBond allows you to lend money to other members for short-medium term loans and very competitive interest rates. You can start with as little as 0.01 Btc which is approx US$25-30 at present.

The general idea is to spread the risk around multiple lenders, so lending small amounts to multiple borrowers is actively encouraged. Lenders are credit-checked and rated, so it’s not blind lending, though there’s obviously some real risk there you’ll need to assess for yourself.

Short term loans are for 6 weeks, to be repaid in full after that time, plus interest. Medium term loans are repaid in monthly installments… principle and interest… over 6, 12 or 36 months.

Loans are posted for ‘auction’, a process that allows multiple investors to bid an amount they are prepared to lend each borrower, and if the total reaches 60% or more, the loan is made.

All loans are made in Bitcoin, so you will need to fund your BitBond account as such before you can bid on any loans.

So if you have $30+ in Bitcoin and you’re looking to put it to work while you save up some more, this might be a useful option. You can register a free account below and check it out more thoroughly for yourself.

BitBond Investing & Lending Platform

Low-Cost Cloud Mining Operations

These are worth a quick mention as they are about the only other option I found where you can easily move a small amount of Satoshi into an account to start work.

The theory is good… get a small amount saved up, put that to work in a cloud miner and then go back and keep working the free options… rinse and repeat…

The problem is, PROFITABLE Currency Mining is an expensive proposition these days.

There are plenty of miners who will let you start with a very small investment, but rest assured, the returns will be proportional to your outlay.

And reading through the various forums, it’s clear there’s another thing a lot of people overlook…

When you start cloud mining, you are not investing!

You are purchasing a contract… so your initial investment is not returned.

A lot of people seem to think they’ll get it back… and are always very unhappy when they realise it doesn’t work that way… so you need to understand when you pay a cloud-miner to start, you are purchasing a non-refundable mining contract

They agree to give you access to a portion of their mining processing power (the hashrate) and you give them your money.

The mining operation will pool the returns from every member’s efforts, and the profits will be divided among everyone, proportional to their hashrate contribution.

So you have to hope that the returns you get on that mining operation will eventually cover your initial outlay and turn a profit.

And that can take a very long time, especially if you start off with a low cost contract, where your hashrate is a tiny proportion of the total pool.

So while you will find a number of miners that will let you get started super-cheap… $5 or less in some cases… the hashrate you purchase will represent a very small percentage of the total pool…

So it could take months to recover your initial outlay.

I tested several of these with small investments… of approximately $10… and almost without exception, after fees, I was making a couple of cents per day at best.

In most cases, the returns weren’t much better than the free software we mentioned in the ‘free options’ section.

As a comparison, with a couple of these, increasing my hashrate purchase by 3 to $30 led to a ten-fold increase in my return. ie. $4-5 monthly return on a $30 outlay.

What’s important to understand is, there is money to be made here, but you do need to get your hashrate up to a viable level. So you need to use a miner that lets you add to your existing hashrate.

Be aware that not all miners let you do this, but if your miner lets you purchase additional hashrate AND add that to your existing, each time you do this, your mining *should* become a little more profitable.

The catch is all mining becomes less profitable over time, by design… so it’s important to monitor your results and be prepared to walk away from a contract that has stopped being profitable.

So the game plan here for a no-cost investor would be to work the free options to raise $5-$10 worth of Satoshi, and buy a mining contract.

Set that to work and go back to earning the free Satoshi to raise another instalment.

Upgrade your contract and then go back to work on the free options again.

Rinse and repeat for as long as you can stand it!

Just always remember, your payment if the hashrate contract is non refundable… you can only withdraw your profits, so you need to be in this for the long haul.

So realistically, most people will reach their goals a whole lot faster through a simple savings plan, but if you have the time and inclination, this could be an option.

MinerGate Desktop Mining Software

This does work for free, but it uses considerably more resources than the free Bitcoin Miner we recommended without producing a significantly better return, so I doubt it would be profitable once you paid for the electricity.

It’s very low cost for to purchase upgraded hashpower… for about US$2.00 you can buy a mining contract for 20GH/s… but my tests suggest you’d want about 50GH/s (~$10) to breakeven after daily maintenance fees have been deducted, and about twice that to see a consistent return.

Miner Gate does add your additional hashrate purchases though, so it could be a useful option to start when you’ve got about $5-$10 of Satoshi, and keep adding to it ove

There are two things I particularly like about MinerGate…

You always mine the best currency. MinerGate automatically mines whichever currency is generating the best returns. You can view the stats and choose yourself or just start the software and let it decide.

You can mine multiple currencies. You can even mine a couple at once if your computer is up for it. Be careful though, if you overload your computer it will lock up!

These days I see this as a very useful diversification tool and as such this it’s now a permanent part of my strategy and I usually purchase additional hashrate about once a month.

It’s a relatively small investment that runs more or less unattended. I could reinvest the profits for even faster growth, but for now I’m happy to let it build a balance in a large number of different crypto currencies.

Register & Download MinerGate Software

BitValuer Options Robot

This is a Btc Options Autotrader that promises a very good return. So far in my tests it's delivering, but it's bordering on the 'too good to be true' category, so I'm holding back from an unreserved recommendation until I've run it for a little while longer and made a few more withdrawals.

In the meantime, we do use the banners across the site plus you can do your own test if you like with a small deposit.

To create a free account you need to enter a valid Account Address from one of your bitcoin wallets. Make a note of which one you used, so you can log back in later to make a  check your earnings as required.

Register @ BitValuer Options Robot

Coin Referrals

This one is actually free to join, but if you're going to get it working, you'll probably want to make a small investment in some advertising.

It's basically a free downline builder...

You sign up with CoinReferrals, then enter your Affiliate IDs for a long list of affiliate and referral programs…and then anyone you refer ends up signing up under you in the same programs.

It includes several of the programs we've built in our packages so it makes sense to set this up as well if you're going to promote the eBook and/or Website packages..

You just send traffic to your page and you start building your downline… and earning cash and credits in all the different programs… all on auto. The real value is probably those programs that let you earn advertising credits… which you can then use to promote your own Crypto Products.

So the best advice I can offer on this one is to sign up below, then once you've worked through the Affiliate programs manual, login and add your Affiliate IDs for the overlapping programs. If there's anything of interest you can sign up for those as well, but I wouldn't spend too long on it until you see some results.

Keep an eye on it, and if you start  to get a bit of activity, it might pay to go back and sign up for the rest of the programs ASAP!

Register A Free CoinReferrals Account

No-Cash Options To Get Started

To get the ball rolling, we’re going to show you a couple of quick and easy ways to start earning Bitcoin IMMEDIATELY. These are totally free and only require a bit of time, but the unavoidable truth is, the returns are terrible.

In fact, the returns are so low most people shouldn’t even consider them!

If you can find a few dollars to get started… even if it means saving up for a month or two… you’ll probably find that is faster than chasing free coins.

Once you’ve got about $5-$10 aside, you can go back to the cheap options and work on building that up to $100-$200 so you can get started on the more aggressive investment programs.

Always Remember: You’ll Be Working For Satoshis

Before you start, it’s important to understand that any free bitcoin program is going to deal in Satoshis. This is a tiny portion of a bitcoin. ie. 1 Satoshi =0.00000001 ฿

So while some of the numbers you’ll see might look impressive… 1000, 3000, 15000 etc … you are talking very small amounts of money.

To keep in perspective, 1 MILLION Satoshi is currently worth 0.01 Btc… about US$25!

And forget about that as an hourly rate… most people will be doing extremely well if they can make that much in a month!

The good news is, you can get started on the low cast options with about 0.002Btc … or 200,000 Satoshi… so that becomes a little more achievable…

So long as you realise you will be working for very small returns.

If you don’t have anything else to do right now, that’s fine, but if you have ANY other option to earn some funds to invest you are probably going to be better off doing that!

Bitcoin Miner App

This is a free download that will let you run Bitcoin Mining software on your PC, earning you coin anytime you’re not using your machine. Be warned, it is not particularly powerful or fast, but it runs in the background, quietly building a bank so you can start on the main programs ASAP.

If you decide to run this software, do be sure to read the section on Bitcoin Mining and make sure your returns are covering your power costs! I’ve tested this on a couple of computers and it definitely produces coin, but it does do it very slowly.

Running it on my laptop during the day when I’m working on my desktop, and on both overnight while I sleep… it averaged about 1500-2000 Satoshi per day.

It’s not a high powered miner so power usage seems quite minimal… I didn’t notice any change in my power bills over the time I was running this… but I do have the computers running around the clock anyway for monitoring my forex trading.

So if you don’t normally run your computer all day long, you could see an increase in your power bill, so you’ll need to assess that for yourself!

Free Bitcoin Miner App

Other Bitcoin Apps

If you go looking, you’ll find a number of these mining apps, even some you can run on your phone. I’ve only really tested the one above, but if you decide to experiment you might find it works to run multiple apps at once? Just keep an eye on your power usage and your bandwidth!

You’ll also find plenty of game style apps that reward you with Satoshi for playing / logging in. These are ad supported, so I find them pretty slow and painful, but check them out if that's your thing.

More Bitcoin Apps

Bitcoin Faucets

These are fairly common as a tool for generating interest in Bitcoin and to get you to revisit websites… and hopefully click on a few ads over time.

We’ve got one of our own here, so if you have a wallet address you can click here to earn some free bitcoin immediately!

Most bitcoin faucets will limit how often you can click to limit the total you can make in any one day… from every 5 minutes to once a day. Payouts also vary accordingly, so generally you can choose to visit one-a-day sites for a larger payout, or click all day long to make a little more from a 5 minute site.

Most sites do make it a little more interesting with ‘bonus’ rewards and referral links, but it is still slow going to accumulate anything at all substantial.

Most ‘Faucets’ deliver varying amounts each time you click… and some of them include some more substantial amounts at random intervals. So while the standard payouts are quite small, whenever you pick up a few larger payouts it can move things along a lot faster… relatively speaking. (Remember 1 million Satoshi for $25!)

Sharing the referral links can earn you additional Satoshi, and some sites will increase your payouts as you send more users. So if you have a website or blog, you should definitely add a link or two.

It could also be worth sharing links regularly on your social media as well if your connections might be interested… don’t do it cold though… generate a bit of interest by writing about what you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve and you’ll probably find a few that are very interested in doing the same thing!

Keep in mind most sites will require you to earn a minimum amount before they transfer the Bitcoin to your wallet… so you’ll need to see it through or your efforts will be wasted. So maybe try a short ‘session’ and decide if you will in fact stick at it long enough to generate a payout before you spend too much time on this.

If you’ve decided this is your preferred option to get started, then combining a selection of good paying faucets with some other free strategies will add up in time.

Once you start you’ll encounter ads/links to Bots to work dozens/hundreds of these Faucets for you automatically.

Be warned that any faucet that detects that you’re using a bot will close your account and you’ll forfeit any earnings…

And most are pretty good at detecting bots, so do it right, or don’t bother!

If you’re interested, here are a few Faucets and Faucet Lists to get you started. They vary in performance and reliability, so check the ratings and choose the best options at any given time. There’s no sign up for any of these, so just add your chosen wallet ID and start earning.

Recommended Bitcoin Faucets

Bonus Bitcoins is good example of what you are looking for here… a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes. This is our our Bitcoin Faucet, so if you’re finding this site useful, please take a moment to share the link… we do reward you well for it!

The rest are top lists, so you can pick and choose the faucets that are currently paying well and have a timer that suits your situation.

Cryptoworld Faucet List

Best Bitcoin Faucet List

iFaucet Top Faucet List

Automated Faucet Coin…

You don’t need to be claiming from the Faucet to refer users, so here’s a hands-free option I set up that might interest you…

First I tried out a fair number of different faucets, and grabbed a referral link for those that had a reasonable payout and a good referral bonus.

I then made a long list of referral links using a wallet key I set up just for this purpose.

I then added the links as individual recurring tweets to TwitTimer

So now one new link posts to my Twitter account every 4-5 hours.

It’s been running totally hands-free for a couple of months now and I’m starting to see some small payments coming through as I reach the payout threshold on a few of the faucets.

It’s not huge by any stretch but it’s totally hands-free!

And if I happen to refer a few people who get particularly active, it could start to add up really fast.

So I’m happy to forget about it and just let it run!


Paid To Surf Networks

These work like the traditional traffic exchanges… you view a series of websites for a minimum number of seconds, then click the link to go to the next site. For each site you visit you earn credits that can be converted to Satoshis.

Again the payouts are tiny, so I can’t recommend you do it as a means of earning an income… but combined with a few other free options it can help you get some coin into your wallet a little bit faster… or to promote your own referral links for other programs.

BTC Clicks - Multiple earning options, generous referral program, one of the few of these sites worth the effort.

Earn Free Bitcoins - Simple PTC site. Useful to run in with other free options. Make sure you grab your referral link and share that around as well.

Other Bitcoin Earning Sites - Here’s a big list of other sites you can use to earn free coin. Most have a detailed review or explanation, so we won’t double up here… check them out and put together your own ‘portfolio’ or tasks you can do to build your bank as quickly as possible.

Just remember these are all incredibly small payouts and NOT a good return for your time.

Using Traffic Exchanges To Generate Referrals

One option that can work is to use your credits to promote a page with links to one or more of your referral programs. You surf for credits, use those credits to get other people to see and click your links… and you either get paid if they buy, or get additional credits if they sign up.

Generally the people doing the surfing are like you… looking to earn not spend! … so it’s not easy, but if you have some good offers and can make a page that catches the surfer’s attention and gets the click, it’s quite possible you could get some good results.

If this is appealing to you, you might want to check out our Bitcoin Bank Builder here. There’s a lot of affiliate programs included there that you could create splash pages for and promote this way.

Turning Satoshi Into Bitcoin!

However you go about it, your goal should be to get enough Satoshi together to be able to put them to work in ways that are more effective.

The MinerGate software is the best option I've been able to find, but feel free to look around... I did lose interest very fast when I realised how small the returns were.

Just keep your guard up, especially if anything sounds too good to be true. The 'low end' of this market is easy pickings for the scammers and crooks!

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Bitcoin Trezor

Wallets 101 – A quick run through of the different types of wallets and how to set things up to easily manage your cashflow for maximum security and efficiency.

Crypt-Folio – Free management tool for tracking your wallet addresses and also various investment/mining programs. Quite new but additional auto-connection options are being added all the time.

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Cryptoworld Faucet List

Best Bitcoin Faucet List

iFaucet Top Faucet List


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