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Blockchain Voting System - NYU Devs the Solution to Russia Election Meddling Hack?

Blockchain Promises Banks A Lot, but Full Benefits Will Be Long-Term

Rotterdam to Record Lease Agreements on a Blockchain

Bitcoin Enthusiast Al Gore ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

CSDs Matter in Blockchain Settlement System

Tax Free Bitcoin Economy Can’t Exist

Bitcoin Consolidation Almost Complete

Demonetization Brings Surge in Bitcoin Adopters in India

Brexit - London Banks ready to Move to France

Tangle: A Cryptocurrency for the Internet of Things

Greece Debt Relief and Bitcoin Breaks through $770

MegaBank Mizuho Tests its Own Digital Currency

Circle Uses Next-Gen Blockchain Tech

First Bitcoin Fraud in India

South Korea Sees its First Blockchain Consortium

India Launches Cashless Digital Banking Campaign

New Bitcoin ATMs Added in Texas

Delhi University Introduces Bitcoin Cards

Coinbase Files for Patent for Bitcoin Private Keys

Bitcoin Price Surges, Hits a Year-High $774

China’s Dianrong Joins Hyperledger Project

Bitcoin Miners - Big Profits - Safety Fear in Venezuela

Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value Dilemma

Silk Road’s Admin Account used after Ulbricht’s Arrest

EU Hackers ICO For Modified ZCash For Deep Web

Bitcoin Hit Resistance at Recent Swing High

Bitcoin Christmas Fundraiser For Polish Children

Bitcoin Experiences Its Busiest Week Ever

Ernst & Young Switzerland to Allow Payments in 2017

Ethereum Price Falls by More Than 7%

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