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Isle of Man to Focus on Blockchain for the Nation’s FinTech

South Korea to Launch ‘Full-Scale’ Blockchain Financial Services Pilot

Hurdles Facing the Digital Banking Drive in India

Yuan Keeps Falling, Bitcoin Stable, Eth Rises

Wall Street’s Book-Keeper - Blockchain Tech for $11 Trillion Platform

2-3 Years Before Bitcoin Regulation in China, Says BTCC Chief

Bitcoin Here to Stay, Says Cumbrian University Professor

Blockchain Trading for Asia’s Largest Stock Exchange Operator

Study: Bitcoin Hedges Global Uncertainty

Indian Central Bank’s Research Arm Explores Blockchain Applications

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Responds to PBOC’s Statement

Vinny Lingham: Bitcoin is Close to Being the Global Currency

Bitcoin Exchange Huobi’s Staff Threatened by Disgruntled Trader

Blockchain Digital Currency needed -Indian Bank’s Research Arm

Bitcoin Rally Was Starting to Feel Unsustainable

Bitcoin Wallet KeepKey Founder’s Email hacked -30 BTC Ransom

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Takes a Steep Fall Below $1000

Iranian Banker: Bitcoin is Changing Banking; Calls for Adoption

Bitcoin Reaches All Time High at BTC China

Monero Overtakes Litecoin, Demonstrates Strong Performance

UAE Healthcare Provider to Store Patient Records on a Blockchain

Financial Times Writer Says Bitcoin is Worth “Zero”. A Response.

Scammers in Australia Demand Bitcoin & Gift Cards from FB Users

Swedes Skeptical of Central Bank Digital Currency e-Krona

Dutch and Korean Mainstream Media Extensively Cover Bitcoin Rally

$1.44 Billion Chinese Fintech “Fund of Funds” to Focus on Blockchain

Will Bitcoin Reach an All-Time High?

Bitcoin Starts 2017 at the $1000

The New Year Could Bode Well for Bitcoin and Blockchains

Bitcoin Consolidation Continues

The European Union Wants to Identify Bitcoin Users

Colombia Declares Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies Illegal

Op-ed: Vitalik Buterin – Blockchain’s Person of the Year

Opinion: Nigeria Needs Bitcoin Regulation

Euroclear Bankchain Tests Blockchain-Based Gold Settlement Service

China To Support Blockchain Development Under New Five-Year Plan

The Biggest Influencers of Bitcoin Price in 2016

Russian Airline and a Bank Execute a Blockchain Service Payment

Startup Uses Blockchain to Crackdown on Wine Fraud

Blockchain Forex Consortium adds Japan-based Fukui Bank

Bitcoin Price Pushes Toward $1000

Evangelist Roger Ver Wants a Bitcoin ‘Lovefest’

Bitcoin Accelerator Lifeline to Zimbabwean Women Farmers

Blockchain Education and Assistance In Asia

Here’s a Sneak Peak Inside IBM’s Blockchain System

Blockchainers Who Deserve the MIT Lab Disobedience Award

Roger Ver - Best Case for the Bitcoin Block Size Increase Yet

Bitcoin Core Developer: Rely on Proper Bitcoin Storage Methods

Bitcoin Nears Gold Parity

iPayYou Enables Bitcoin for Starbucks’ Official App

Report: FinTech Slow to Take Off in Japan

Bitcoin Internet Searches Are Trending Worldwide

Blockchain Startup Axoni Raises $18 Million in Funding

Bank Blockchain Test to Streamline Securities Lending

South Korean Fintech Firms Look to Enter China

Charlie Shrem’s to Hold Crowdsale Capped at $25 Million

Tech CEOs from Trump’s Sitdown support Bitcoin?

Trump Picks a Bitcoin Supporter for U.S. Budget Director

Zug Continues Bitcoin Payments for Municipal Services

NASA Petitioned to Send Bitcoins to Mars

Bitcoin Price at an Ominous Point

Indian Bitcoin Exchange DDoS Attack Outrages

Can Bitcoin Help Venezuela’s Crumbling Economy?

Here’s Why a Hard Fork Can’t Work

Chinese “Political Effort to Delay or Block” Segwit

People Making Art for Silk Road Admin Ross Ulbricht

Bitcoin best performing Currency 2016

Chinese Police Shut down Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm

Citi Invests In Blockchain FX Trading Firm Cobalt DL

Bitcoin Commerce Increases by 1,800% at BitPay

IBM to Put Kenya’s Public Records on a Blockchain

Australia better for Fintech Firms, Starting Today

Wyre $5.8 Million Fastest Blockchain Payments

India is Using Blockchain Tech to Fight Cyber Crime

Blockchain / Insurtech Soar to $235 Billion Industry

Korean Digital ‘BOScoin’ to Launches in Feb  2017

OpenBazaar Raises $3 Million in New Funding

Blockchain - Bank Payments could become obsolete

What Bitcoin Enthusiasts Bill Gates Donald Trump

Coinbase File to Block IRS Acesss of Bitcoin Info

Chinese tough on Bitcoin Miners Electricity Theft

Korean Blockchain Receives Authorized Certification

Australia’s Blockchain Solar Power Takes Shape

Microsoft Announces ‘First Blockchain’ in Taiwan

Bitcoin Breakout Looks Very Likely

Report: An AI Hedge Fund Paid for By Bitcoin

£20 Million Chinese Bitcoin Fund

Blockchain Rewards Platform to Pilot in Dubai

UK Energy Sector - Blockchain-Based Infrastructure